And finally, the Crescent Cinema, Pontefract, which was being

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) Here’s the list ranked by the number of bike and pedestrian crashes per mile over the last few years (only portions of these roads were included in the study, typically a one mile stretch):Richland County, S 10, 27.3 bike/pedestrian crashes per mileCharleston County, Meeting Street, 21.8 B/P crashes per mileCharleston County, King websites Street, 18.5 B/P crashes per mileCharleston County, Calhoun Street, 14.9 B/P crashes per mileHorry County, S 215, 13.8 B/P crashes per mileCharleston County, S 106, 11.2 B/P crashes per mileDorchester County, S 62, 9.1 B/P crashes per mileHorry County, S 241, 8.4 B/P crashes per mileCharleston County, S 75, 8.4 B/P crashes per mileRichland County, US 21, 6.6 B/P crashes per mileAt the last SCDOT commission meeting, officials said one out of every four bike/pedestrian crashes is fatal. However, four out of every five fatal and serious injury crashes happened outside of an intersection.”That shows what we always believed,” SCDOT State Traffic Safety Engineer, Brett Harrelson, said. “That we got pretty good counter measures available to us to help bike and pedestrians safely travel through intersections.

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