Hi, I’m 18 years old and I have a bit of a problem. About two weeks ago, I masturbated and just about at climax, I held some sort of PC muscles (think they might’ve been the ones I use to hold urine), and only a little semen came out, the rest felt like it went somewhere else.

It was a weird experience. I didn’t have an erection for a week after that, but for some reason didn’t think anything of it. That weekend my girlfriend and I decided to get a little more intimate. She was trying to perform oral sex and/or give me a handjob and I couldn’t get it up all the way and couldn’t ejaculate. After a full weekend of trying this, I went ahead and scheduled an appointment at the doctor’s office at my college.

I told him my story, and he seemed to ignore what I call the “hold back incident” and went straight to telling me that it was anxiety. He told me to continue masturbating and gave me a packet about how to get more comfortable. After a week of doing the “exercises” in the packet, I found that I can still get an erection, albeit not a full one. If I face my penis forward blood will flow through most of it but it still won’t be as hard as usual.

If I point the penis vertically (head = up) then I will not get nearly a full erection at all. As it is I have to really focus on a fantasy and the sensations when I’m masturbating to get to the point I can. I continued to masturbate, relieved that I could still ejaculate, but still concerned about not getting it up all the way like I used to be able to.

The fact that I can’t get it up even when I’m alone has led me to believe that I may have some sort of strain or damage, and I’m thinking about going to see a urologist and I’ve decided to stop masturbating and sexual activity altogether until I’ve seen the doc. Is this the right choice? Should I just wait it out or is there something else I should be doing?

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