In our early 20’s my husband and I would make love 3-4 times a day. Approximately 3 yrs ago, I discovered my husband was keeping a secret. He was experiencing severe testicles (male gonads or blue balls symptoms) pain in his scrotum. When an testes aching pain episode would occur, these spider like swelling varicocele varicose viens would appear and testicles in his scrotum would pull extremely close to his body. The testes pain in his genitalia reproductive organs would subside eventually.

I finally talked him into seeing a urologist about his testicular problem. He freaked out during the visit! The prostate exam involved a rectal exam…he wasn’t having it! He walked out of the doctor’s office and never returned.

Needless to say, our sex life suffered. It dwindled to making love once a month!!! As a woman, I am an extrememly sexual person and love to have orgasms for that pinnacle of sexual pleasure.

He never communicated the testicles pain problem to me. So I asked a hundred different reasons WHY we were not having sexual intercourse flew into my mind. I hope it is not testicles cancer of the testicles. Is there some testes self exam ortesticular testing he can do to find out more about the testicles pain problem?

Dan answered