Circumcision is wrong or right

Well, the reason activists protest infant circumcision is that a permanent change is being forced on the individual. Everyone has their own reasons to think circumcision is wrong or right that is weighed on factors they think are important or not but the child deserves the right to use THEIR judgment on what is best for their body.

Guys OR girls circed at birth are unable to be intact if that is what they want.. That is why all infant circumcision is wrong. And medically, due to possible complications from the surgery (taking too much skin, skin reattaching to the head, meatal stenosis, excess bleeding, skin bridges, infections) any benefit you hear about, even if you only believe the pro side , the possible benefits (infections) don’t outweigh the possible complications.

So you can’t even say there is an immediate health need.Besides, 80% of the world is intact Canada, Australia, Mexico, England, France, new Zealand, most of Europe, etc all have really low rates the US is one of the few non-Islamic nations that have high rates of circumcision. Why? Circumcision started in the US for various medical reasons and to prevent masturbation yet, all of those previous reasons to do it have been disproved.

However, this was not until the 60s when 80% of infants were circumcised, since then rates have slowly dropped to nearly 50% rates today. The main reasons it continues in the US are misconceptions and stigma.

Of course both intact and circed guys enjoy sex and orgasm, but the foreskin provides many other benefits during sexual activity.
1.) During masturbation, the mobile skin makes it easier and more pleasurable, just move the skin instead of using lotion and your hand (which doesn’t receive pleasure)
2.) During sex, the extra mobility reduces rawing friction and need for lube making it more pleasurable. The foreskin also provides extra padding making the penis thicker and feels more organic.
3.) During oral/hand jobs, the guys partner just has to move the skin, not worry about how they are grasping it or if there is enough lube, etc. So not only is it beneficial to the guy, but also his partner especially if the guy was circed tight.

To help put this in perspective, imagine those in your area were removing labia from their daughters. The guys are used to it being that way and think it looks better, probably easier to clean as well and it wouldn’t really have a drastic affect on pleasure or function. Would you get it done on your daughter?

What would bother you most about it? The lack of medical reasoning? The daughter losing the ability to decide what she wants? Or is what bothers you most is that it isn’t an ugly mole or even a birth defect, it is the natural female body, something you are comfortable with and cant imagine how someone could cut off parts of her genitals?

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