After the testosterone levels have been checked fine and all the crying on my part, he still has no intimate sexual performance desire drive to touch me or for intercourse. It is making me physically sick as well as emotionally sick. I seek for my purpose with my husband if I can not turn him on sexually. I get offers all the time from men for sex so I can’t be repulsive, can I?

He claims to not understand what I am talking about when I say there is a problem. Now I am getting desperate to get his attention. I cry myself to sleep while he just goes to sleep and snores, unaffected by my hurt and pain. Needing to get his attention, mixed with anger because he is unaffected by my hurt, I am now thinking “how can I get his attention”. Would he finally realize my pain, if he found me swinging from a rope. He tells me I am just mean when I blow up out of frustration.

I get mad at myself for putting on a sexy night gown thinking that stupid me could turn him on. I think that I must be a stupid looking cow to him, even though I am not over weight. Is there anyone out there that knows what I feel like because right now I feel so alone in the world and completely mis understood. Is his inhibited hypoactive sexual drive lacking guys Libido or stress for medical concerns to see a doctor?

sam answered