Do you stimulate her clitoris manually/orally until she has an orgasm? Manually – yes. Orally – No. Ive tried orally, and im NOT gay, but i dont like it. I noticed people here saying that they like it, but its awful i think. Maybe thats just me being immature, but it really is awful…. and too be quite honest it does completely the opposite of turning me on! Dont get me wrong, she’s not a beast down there, lol, and it doesn’t stink, but it’s not for me. I just dont feel comfortable with it. I also prefer pasionate, not horney. I wouldn’t have sex with her for about 5 months until she told me she loved me, and i know she does.
Do you use a condom? No. I know im young, i know you’re gonna call me stupid, but i have tried and tried to use them. They hurt me. They are just way too tight. Ive got larger ones and they still hurt. Tried different types, makes, varieties – they are way too tight. I also dont feel a thing through them. No matter what i do, we’ve tried allsorts, but it always ends up being ripped off half way through cos they get on my nerves.

Rob N answered