I have been told by two different doctors that I have ED. Even during sexual intercourse, I have an extremely hard time keeping an erection. I have an extremely strong foot fetish. Something that I have noticed through experimentation is that having my partners feet on me in different places, especially my face, makes it so that I keep my erections when I do finally get one.

As long as her feet are in my face during sex, I don’t lose my erection. Is it possible that my ability to sexually perform has become reliant on my worship fetish and if so, what can I do to correct this? There are many women out there that aren’t comfortable with a man kissing and licking her feet.

I want to make sure that I can perform and satisfy my partner. I have stopped drinking alcohol and soda/pop, I don’t smoke cigarettes anymore, and I exercise daily. Please help me? Any advice would be great.

jacob answered