My boyfreind has been mastebating alot more latley and isn’t hiding it from me anymore. we broke up for about a yaer and have recently gottn back together. He fell in love with this girl who had the body type he’s attracted to and is the opposite of mine.

Since we’ve gotton back together the sex has changed and that scares me. We always watch p*rn before sex but latley he’s been watching it by himself behind closed doors playing with himself while I’m right here. I’v told him many times that wat he’s doing is making me feel insecure about my body and making me doubt his true feelings but nothings changed.

How can I join in on him masterbating if I dnt feel like he finds me attractive? I’m so confused and feel like ever since he’s gotten a taste of his fantasy women that I will never compare..wat shld I do to make it better.

Madelyn answered