I love a jigger or two of my favorite bubbly once in a while, but after having been married to a religious 5 O’clock happy hourer…for 24 years… the after effects in our bedroom exercises have been disastrous to say the least. Sexual love making activities are such a bonding, a relaxing, a sharing of many basic needs for both men and women.

Our children can feel the tenderness or lack of tenderness we actively express as parents to one another. When we share our love making performance abilities to please our partners, and feel accomplished about that… we can feel and express contentment, inwardly and outwardly. Our children learn a great deal from their observation from us!! We are their primary examples on human behavior…..

So think about it!! If driving a motor vehicle has such potentially disastrous effects for ourselves and others…. how could love making performance and satisfaction for ourselves and others be effected oppositely? We are all intelligent here, and we have choices in life as mature thinking adults. With knowledge and responsible thinking, we can make changes in our own behavior toward the improvements… in health and in many aspects of our lives. This key ability differentiates us from basic animals…we know!!!!
God Bless All!!

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