I worked for a mens sexual health clinic,until recently. Well, gentlemen,you have been taken for fools. The treatment options for ED and PE were identical, and the “only” cure was penile injections. The medication can only be obtained from the clinic you visit, and they don’t take insurance. The employees work on commission of medication sales. Does that sound like a scam?

Well, the trick was to work on their insecurities and downplay the effects of other treatments. Psychological or emotional issues were never considered. There were never any blood tests for hormone levels or underlying pathology. This clinic is world wide, and spreading like wildfire. I can’t name them for fear of lawsuit, but, they advertise in the New York Times, LA Times, The Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times and the Howard Stern Show.

I pity the gentlemen who come in for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation help, then leave unable to pay the high prices for their “cure.” Especially, since no insurance is accepted, only cash, check or credit.

Is this the future of medicine? Sirs, please go to a qualified urologist at a major university for an educated opinion. It is your body, and is the possibility of permanent scarring worth it?

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