Hi – I don’t really know where to post this or where to start, but here seems the best place I’ve found so far. I’m a lad with a happy, healthy life, although I do have one problem. From an early age I noticed a lump on my right testicles, the scrotum lump has been there from as early as I can remember, which is about 12 years old.

Over the last 4/5 years the scrotum lump hasn’t caused me much pain although sometimes a little discomfort (mainly when I’m thinking about it) and I don’t think it has ever grew in size. But I know it’s not normal an I should get myself checked out by a medical doctor, but before I do I want to know what advice you people can offer me or any ideas on what symptoms i’m dealing with or has anybody been in the same position?

After a quick scan of the internet i’m pleased to see that the probability of it being testicular cancer is slim – but i\’m still worried. Could it be Adolescent Varicocele or cyst of the testicles? All feedback would be great. Thanks, Adam.

Blake G answered