Are STDs Common?


Is it normal to have an STD?

Yes! Millions and millions of people have an STD or have been treated for an STD. In fact, 19 million new STD cases are reported in the U.S. each year. But millions more go undetected and unreported. Why? Many people who are infected may not be aware they have an STD.

The only way to know for sure if you have an STD is to get tested. It is normal and can happen to anyone, not just people who engage in “high risk” sex. Even those who have one unsafe experience are at risk for STDs.

Why don’t people talk about STDs or STD testing?

We wish we could change this part of our culture. Even in a modern, enlightened society, we just don’t talk about STDs and sexual health. That’s unfortunate and contributes to a massive public health problem. If we talked about STDs in an open and honest way, we could make great strides in screening and treating sexually transmitted infections and disease.

It is our mission to help people think about getting tested for STDs the way we think about recycling, eating organic food, staying fit, and all of the other things we do to make our bodies healthy and the world a healthier place.

What can I do to maintain good sexual health?

  • Use a condom or dental dam for each and every sexual encounter. Oral sex is only safe sex if it’s protected sex.
  • Get tested for STDs annually (or twice a year if you have multiple partners).
  • If you have an STD, get treatment and follow through with the complete course of treatment.
  • Be confident that people you have sex with are STD-free. If you are in an new relationship, get tested as a couple.
  • Talk about STD prevention and STD testing with your friends. STDs are common, in part, because we don’t talk about it and make it part of being a healthy person.
  • Let’s change this together!