Black and White Morality: In the early stories

All wrestlers take steroids/other drugs: This one has some truth to it. Back in the 80s and early 90s, many wrestlers did take steroids. Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage, Sting, Lex Luger and many others have admitted to or have been caught abusing steroids in the past and in Warrior and Savage’s case, was the indirect cause of their premature deaths. Even Vince McMahon has used steroids and was even on trial in the early ninties for supplying them (though he was found not guilty.) Ever since the incident with Chris Benoit, WWE has a much stricter drug policy, where wrestlers are fined, suspended or even fired if failing a drug test. Drugs are part of wrestling just like in any other part of show biz, but there are plenty of wrestlers who don’t use them. CM Punk is Straight Edge, Sting and Shawn Michaels got clean after becoming Born again Christians and AJ Styles is teetotal.

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replica goyard handbags Betrayal Insurance: Stemming from his very dark view of humanity, he is especially good at this, and often structures his plans so that even betrayal by a close ally will not doom them to failure. A triple betrayal (by three independently acting conspirators) did manage to sabotage his bid to game the US Presidential elections, however. Though even then it was arguably a close call. Beware the Superman: As befits a Nazi, Red Skull wants to control all possible threats against humanity. He doesn’t like superheroes, and hates super powered mutants, who usurp humanity’s destiny. He also wants to destroy Sub Mariner and his empire of nonhumans, who often threaten and invade human countries. Big Bad: One of the major supervillain threats on a planet drowning in them, and one of the most despicably evil. Black and Gray Morality: In more recent, darker and more cynical stories, Cap is Good and the Skull is Evil, but the US government Cap works for can be involved in some rather shady business, and run by rather nasty people. Black and White Morality: In the early stories, Captain America is Good and the Red Skull is Evil. Full stop. Black Shirt: Started out like one of these, before he became The Dragon, and finally the Evil Overlord himself. Born Win replica goyard handbags.

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