Braggers and Man of Action Differences

The Difference Between “Talkers” and “Doers”

I have long made the distinction between “talkers” and “doers,” recognizing that most of the world are talkers, interspersed with an elite few doers.

Why are there so many talkers and so few doers? The answer is simple: it’s easy to hide behind words and opinions instead of putting your ass on the line in the real world with the very real possibility of getting hurt.

Talkers are afraid of pain, ego-bruising, loss and setbacks and will do anything to avoid them — including living a mediocre, safe life. And they attract mediocre women who are never truly happy with them.

The Dangerous World of the Doer

Doers, on the other hand, have footprints and calluses on their asses. They have scars, punctured egos, and a litany of failures a mile long. They also have successes talkers never will.

They live exciting lives, full of APPARENT danger to talkers. But that’s the rub — the so-called danger is not really dangerous. Punctured egos re-inflate, and bruises fade quickly… but success earned is more persistent.

Doers recognize that mediocrity is the real danger, and avoid it at all costs.

Fact: Chicks Dig Doers

If you read any romance novel (written by women, for women), the hero is always a doer. He’s dangerous, he’s exciting, he’s passionate, and he’s always in motion. Women are programmed to respond to doers, and avoid talkers.

Do they settle for talkers? Sure, they settle. But when a doer comes along, they bolt. And besides, who wants to be the kind of man a woman settles for anyway?
So be a doer. Make it your philosophy of life. Avoid talkers.

Get your butt kicked a few times and pull through it. Live a deliberately exciting life, and in the end you will attract the woman you really want — and one who really wants you, too.

Let the talkers keep talking. They have no clue what they’re missing anyway.

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