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Ann Demeulemeester’s Wild Things

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Yesterday’s Ann Demeulemeester show and a Where the Wild Things Are monster. – Continue Reading BelowThe Couvent de Cordeliers is one of Paris Fashion Week’s best venues—the convent, which was built in the late 18th century, is now home to a museum of anatomy attached to the nearby medical school so its pillars and arches are a bit more realistic than the one’s erected for Mugler. It’s cold inside , and pretty dark, which made it the perfect backdrop for yesterday’s hauntingly romantic Ann Demeulemeester show.Gothic warrior princesses strapped into laced up leather jackets marched around the room with ammunition belts made of feathers and crowns of straight black hair. When the jackets weren’t tight Canada Goose sale , or bound by corsets, they billowed around models like Jamie Bochert and Daiane Conterato, and later morphed into furry bodysuits like glam monsters from Where the Wild Things Are. A fur bodysuit may be a bit much for some (despite winter’s freezing temperatures) but a black feather belt? We’ll be calling on DIY expert Erica Domesekfor help with that one come fall.

Ann Demeulemeester’s Wild Things

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