• He Doesn’t Fancy Me For Intimate Love

    I really would be grateful if there was anyone out there who could give me some advice. My husband says it’s not just that he doesn’t fancy me anymore for intimate love activity, he doesn’t fancy anyone (!) so I suspected he could do with some libido lifting supplements (zinc etc) for more drive and

  • I cry and beg him for his love

    I cry and beg him for his love

    I Want Him To Want Me I am really trying to understand but don’t. My husband had his testosterone level checked and it is normal but he still has no intimate desire to make love. He can get an erection to perform effectively. The only time we have sex is if I cry and beg him for

  • Low Testosterone Male Hormone Facts

    Low Testosterone Male Hormone Facts

    Testosterone: Understanding the Primary Male Sex Hormone Testosterone is a necessary male sex hormone that naturally declines with age. In some cases, this primary sex hormone may be too low and cause health issues. For this reason, testosterone has been at the center of a lot of hype in recent years. Some supplement manufacturers have

  • Low T Symptoms In Men

    Low T Symptoms In Men

    Testosterone is the Man Hormone You may cringe a little when guys mention symptoms of low T. That’s assuming you’re open to discussing them with other men – low T symptoms range from the invisible to things that might truly shock you, like larger breasts and smaller testicles. Yes, low testosterone can actually shrink your balls

  • Venous Leakage Treatment Solutions

    Venous Leakage Treatment Solutions

    Correcting Venous Leakage Soft Erections Correcting Venous Leakage Treatment Solutions and Options: A range of treatment solution options are available depending on individual need: Testosterone hormone replacement Penile constriction band and vacuum pump Penile injection (“Last resort” drug treatment) stimulation for flow deficiency Surgical correction by arterial and/or venous leakage surgery Artificial penile implantation of