• Women’s Quiz Fake Orgasms

    Women’s Quiz Fake Orgasms

    Voting Poll Survey To Take “Do Women Fake Orgasms?” Defined: Women’s Orgasms Orgasms are a total body response, not just a pelvic event. Muscles in many different areas of the body contract during this phase of sexual response, indication of high climatic sexual arousal during sexual intercourse or masturbation. An orgasm cannot be stopped once

  • Womens Fake Orgasms

    Womens Fake Orgasms

    Do Women Really Fake Orgasms? A voting poll gives some insight as to the percentage of females that really do fake orgasms. June 2012 – 2538 women who took the quiz were presented the question: “How many times do you fake orgasm?” The items they checked off showed in the results as follows: Never –

  • Dry Orgasm

    Dry Orgasm

    No Ejaculations (Dry Orgasm) Or Is My Guy Faking Climax! Is he faking a dry orgasm? i got a question i can not figure out. i have been with this guy for a while and we have sex quite a bit, when he is finished i never see or feel his seminal cum fluid. i

  • Anorgasmia


    When Men Don’t Climax Symptoms, Causes And Treatments – Guys Anorgasmia (Anejaculation, Retarded, Delayed Ejaculation) Climatic Disorder, Dysfunction Condition and Inhibitions Video