• What’s A Male Desensitizer?

    What’s A Male Desensitizer?

    Desensitizer For Climax Control You might be surprised to learn that your penis is too sensitive. Does that sound counter intuitive? Consider that many guys ejaculate much earlier than they want (Premature Ejaculation) – sometimes in less than a minute after penetration – because they’re overwhelmed by the excitement. Boost Your Stamina There is such

  • Venous Leakage Treatment Solutions

    Venous Leakage Treatment Solutions

    Correcting Venous Leakage Soft Erections Correcting Venous Leakage Treatment Solutions and Options: A range of treatment solution options are available depending on individual need: Testosterone hormone replacement Penile constriction band and vacuum pump Penile injection (“Last resort” drug treatment) stimulation for flow deficiency Surgical correction by arterial and/or venous leakage surgery Artificial penile implantation of

  • Viagra News

    Viagra News

    Viagra Sildenafil Citrate Pfizer Treatment News Report: "How One Man Sought An Impotence Cure And Found One" This is a news report from Viagra's front lines. It is from a married man in his early 50's, a friend who has tried out Pfizer's new impotence (Erectile Dysfunction) drug. Call him Doe; he does not want