Cheating On My Wife Woman I Love

Cheating On My Wife Woman I Love

Guy’s Unfaithful Marital Infidelity In A Sexless Marriage

My problem is that for the last two months, I’ve been cheating on my wife. I don’t say it with any pride, and I know it’s a terrible thing to do. I still love her, and she’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me – but the problem is, our marriage has been almost totally sexless for the last four years.

We have been married for ten years, since we were both in our early 20s. We used to be having sex at least once a day, we were on totally the same wavelength, but since then she’s slowly been dialing it back – not in the mood, has a headache, too tired – until we’re at where we are today.

I’m lucky if we have sex once a month, and even then I know she doesn’t even like doing it. There’s nothing worse than looking in your partner’s eyes and knowing that she’s just *putting up* with your sexual needs.

It used to be an intimate connection, something we shared, a special bond. But now it’s a chore.

I got so sick of seeing that look in her eyes that I signed up for a website promising discreet Physical affairs. I signed up through this sales page, which promised me a 100% money back if I didn’t have an affair. I was skeptical. Being with my wife so long has made me think that most women are just programmed not to want sex, that I was the bad guy, that there was no way I would ACTUALLY end up in an unfaithful intimate affair.

Having A Intimate Affair With A Woman I Hate

I’m eating my words now, because I’m caught up in one. Within a couple weeks of signing up, I was meeting up with an early 30’s woman at a downtown hotel 45 minutes away. She wasn’t the most attractive woman, and her personality was grating – but she thought I was amazing and sexy.

The fact that I was married made it hot and exciting for her. And her being so interested in me, NEEDING me… it was so easy to go along with it. So I did.I’ve been seeing her about once a week, sometimes twice, ever since then. It’s easy to get away, and I know my wife isn’t suspicious, but it’s tearing me up inside.

I NEED sex, it’s probably my favorite experience in all of the earthly pleasures — but I love my wife, and she isn’t physically interested. On the other hand, the woman I’m having the affair with, while insatiable and hugely into me… I don’t really like her that much.

She’s kind of annoying. I’m certainly not ending my marriage to be with her, that’s for sure. So… what do I do? I don’t even know. If I could, I would keep it at the status quo forever. But I know that going on like this has risks, and losing my marriage is unacceptable to me (although I know not all guys would feel that way in this position). Please help with whatever advice you can.