Crucially, AMD disclosed the Frontier Edition card’s pixel

Spitballing the performance of AMD’s Radeon Vega Frontier Edition graphics card

Canada Goose online AMD’s Radeon canada goose victoria parka outlet Vega Frontier Edition reveal yesterday provided us with some important pieces of canada goose outlet winnipeg address the performance puzzle for one of the most hotly anticipated graphics chips of 2017. Crucially, AMD disclosed the Frontier Edition card’s pixel fill rate and some rough expectations for floating point throughput figures that allow us to make some educated guesses about Vega’s final speeds and canada goose outlet los angeles how it might stack up to Nvidia’s latest and greatest for both gaming and compute performance. Canada Goose online

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canada goose canada goose outlet online store deals Before we dive canada goose outlet online into my educated guesses, though, it’s worth mulling over the fact that the Vega Frontier Edition is launching as a Radeon Pro card, not a Radeon RX card. As Ryan canada goose uk site Smith at Anandtech points out, this is the first time canada goose outlet florida AMD is debuting canada goose outlet reviews a canada goose stockists uk new graphics architecture aboard a professional grade product. As its slightly green tinged name suggests, AMD’s Frontier Edition strategy roughly echoes how Nvidia has been releasing new graphics architectures of canada goose jacket outlet sale late. Pascal made its debut aboard canada goose outlet sale the Tesla P100 accelerator, and the market’s first taste of Nvidia’s Volta architecture will be aboard a similar canada goose outlet germany product. canada goose deals

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canada goose These developments suggest that whether they bleed red or green, gamers may have to canada goose outlet online reviews accept the fact that they aren’t the most important market for these high performance, next gen graphics chips any longer. canada goose

buy canada goose jacket cheap Though gamers might feel disappointed after yesterday’s reveal, this decision makes good business sense. As canada goose outlet england I mused about on Twitter a few days ago, it doesn’t canada goose outlet mall make any sense for the company canada goose outlet london uk to sell Vega chips on Radeon RX canada goose womens outlet cards just yet when there’s strong demand for this GPU’s compute elsewhere. In turn, AMD can ask much more money for Vega compute accelerators than it can for the same chip aboard a Radeon gaming card. Yesterday’s Financial Analyst Day made it clear that AMD is acutely aware of the high demand for GPU compute right now, especially for machine learning applications, and it wants as big a piece of that pie as it can grab. Nvidia dominates the high end graphics card market regardless of whether one is running workstation graphics or canada goose parka outlet datacenter GPU computing canada goose outlet hong kong tasks, and AMD needs to tap into the demand from these markets as part of its course toward profitability. Radeon RX products might make the most noise in the consumer graphics market, but Vega canada goose outlet usa compute cards could make the biggest bucks for AMD, so it only makes sense that the company is launching the Frontier Edition (and presumably the Radeon Instinct MI25) into the very highest end of the market first. buy canada goose jacket cheap

buy canada goose jacket Now, let’s talk some numbers. AMD says the Vega GPU aboard the Frontier Edition will offer about 13 TFLOPS of FP32 and about 25 TFLOPS of FP16 performance, as well as a pixel fill rate of 90 Gs. AMD also says the chip will have 64 compute units and 4096 stream pro, and that FP32 TFLOPS figure suggests a speed range of about 1450 MHz to 1600 MHz. I propose this range because AMD seems to canada goose outlet parka have used different rates to calculate different peak throughput rates buy canada goose jacket.

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