Dating Singles For Love & Friendship Having STDs

Dating Singles For Love & Friendship Having STDs

I have found the woman that i have waited all my life to find
She is like no other and i will love her and honor her till there is no breath left in me and even beyond that.

Be truthful it just may work out for you
I have always been apprehensive with telling someone about herpes. Most are judgemental but some people are actually open minded and willing to look at the stigma of a STD and willing to appreciate you for YOU…

Does life go on?
If you’ve just found out you’re poz, First let me say I’m sorry. I understand. You are not alone. You can live a quasi normal life. I have been for over twenty years. I look like the picture of health, you can too. I take supplements for virus suppression on to…

Love at first sight.
My ex-wife gave me herpes, Now I have found this site and my now wonderful wife…

He met me and it truly has worked out!
I was online and he contacted me about talking or chatting, we exchanged emails and began chatting and found that we have a lot in common.

Hang in there, it gets better
After almost 12 years of living with STD I have seen just about every type of reaction you can imagine, but even though it never really gets easier revealing your STD to a new person/prospective partner, the most frequent reaction I see is acceptance. Success
I met the most wonderful girl on this site. She’s unlike anyone I have ever met before. I’m so thrilled and so totally in love with her. To be her friend was all I ever hoped for, to be her lover is all I ever dreamed.