Do you think making love is psychological?

Do you think making love is psychological?

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Cannot get it up

I’m male 44 yrs old next month. I’ve been separated 2 years and soon to be divorced in one month. I have custody of two children ages 10 and 16. Work a pretty high stressed job. I’ve had an active sex life with my ex wife during our 12 yrs old marriage without issues. For the last two years romance was out the door and i’ve basically had no sex. I’ve been able to self stimulate¬†how ever very frequently up to once a day without getting it up issues until two weeks ago.

Two weeks ago I started going out with a very attractive younger women. Since the first day we went out I cannot get it up for any length of time with any stay power for making love. I can’t seem to even stimulate myself to satisfaction. I’m very embarrassed and confused. Any advice would be very helpful.

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Stress and self consciousness:

I’m 19 years old, and I was with a girl for the past 2 years. We made love often, but now we aren’t together anymore. Just recently, i couldn’t get myself ready when i was with a girl at school, (happened more than once). I never had any problem with this before, so i assume its something psychological. Is their anything information i can get to ease the stress and the new self consciousness?

Psychological trouble maintaining readiness:

I’m only 23 years old and lately I’ve been having trouble maintaining readiness and keeping one for as long as I used to. I haven’t had sex in about a year since the breakup of me and my ex-girlfriend, but I was about to have sex with a friend a few days ago and I couldn’t stay ready.
Do you think it’s psychological? I have some guilt issues over sex discussions I have with girls online. That is the only thing I can think of……but I don’t know what to do. what is it?

Libido Issues Symptoms & Treatments Advice:

If you self stimulate and finish ok, then your reproduction organ is functioning properly.
Tips: You should try to go without self stimulation for a couple of weeks, this can increase your libido (sexual desire).

Usually what happens is that the person is focusing more or less on the final goal, which is finishing or pleasing the partner with satisfaction, and not really focusing on all the rest of what goes on in the love making encounter, focus more on the relationship and the sensory experiences that they’re having as opposed to the final goal– more focusing on the process rather than the product.

To regain your libido and confidence, there is actually a multitude of different treatments for making love. One of the treatments that was developed some time ago by Masters and Johnson is what is known as a sen sate focus technique.

It’s best to see a doctor for him to evaluate your performance anxiety issues symptoms and for advice and to recommend the best treatment therapy for you.

Low levels of testosterone can interfere with the stimulation process necessary in the penile erection sequence. Get in your home testosterone testing.

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Romance and Love

To me, love is the strongest word in the English language. More than the infamous “4 letter words,” it is THE four letter word. In my view, love isn’t something that’s created when you date someone for days, weeks, or months — it’s something that you can feel between yourself and another person, a feeling that you know them completely and totally, and that you can and want to spend the rest of your life with them.

Oops, I got lil bit off the ongoing romance discussion above.. but that was just my take about the word ‘LOVE’