Does Vasectomy Affect Performance Abilities?

Does Vasectomy Affect Performance Abilities?

Is Vasectomy A Effective Method Of Contraception?

Mine was had in 1983 and had no trouble. I waited a day for the swelling to subside and guess what? No problems and no complaints and no more children which made both my wife and me happy. One caution, there are studies that show men who have had vasectomies.. are prone to a rare form of dementia….

Is Vasectomy Safe For Men?

Vasectomy is a safe and highly effective sterilization process for men that prevents pregnancy in women. It is a contraception accepted by many couples throughout the world. Vasectomy, is a form of permanent contraception method. Those who seek a permanent form of contraception may want to consider the potential benefits and risks of vasectomy.

Vasectomy Information

The principle of a vasectomy is to prevent the sperm from entering the fluid which is released during orgasms. This is achieved by cutting and tying off the tubes vas deference through which sperm passes. It is a simple operation carried out under local anaesthetic in a surgeon’s office.


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