Don’t Let Genital Herpes Keep You From Dating

Herpes Dating Sites Fill an Important Niche

Not surprisingly, large-scale, general-audience dating sites were the first dating sites to appear on the Internet. Once these sites had established a foothold and began saturating the market, the next stage in the evolution of dating sites was the establishment of sites that cater to a specific niche audience. One example of a specialized site that serves a dual purpose as a kind of support group are the herpes dating sites.

Herpes-positive individuals may not feel comfortable seeking potential dating partners on the general interest dating sites. These people are responsible and want to inform potential dating partners of their condition, but find it understandably difficult to do so. By signing up for herpes dating sites, they are able to do the right thing while avoiding the difficult and uncomfortable situation of telling a potential mate about their condition.

Herpes dating sites are made for these people. Obviously, there is no danger of transmitting herpes from one person to another if both partners are already positive. There is also no need to worry about the difficult and uncomfortable problem of informing a potential partner about the condition.

In addition, the better and larger herpes dating sites provide a wealth of information about health issues, how to deal with the condition and other wellness-related topics. And some such sites are quite large. MPWH (Meet People with Herpes) has nearly 70,000 members, which means that there is a substantial community that you can be a part of.

Some of the help topics that may be found on a full-featured herpes dating site include:

  • diet information
  • the different effects genital herpes has on men and women
  • myths and misconceptions about herpes
  • proper diagnosis of herpes
  • statistical and scientific information on herpes
  • prognosis and prevention
  • symptoms and outbreaks
  • safe sex advice
  • and much more

Thanks to herpes dating sites, people with the condition no longer need to feel left out of the dating scene. Rather, they can become members of a true community of people who are successfully dealing with this condition.

Indeed, the herpes dating sites are proving that a diagnosis of herpes is not only not the end of the world for anyone, but it is not the end of their dating and love life either. These sites create supportive communities of people who can talk, chat, get to know one another and go out on dates together.

Additionally, such specialized dating sites show that focusing on an individual niche or community can sometimes be better than trying to please everyone. And indeed, the herpes dating sites have been successful in bringing people together and helping them to once again enjoy good dating experiences.

These sites fill a valuable role in helping people to feel comfortable in sharing of themselves and getting to know other compatible partners without shame or embarrassment.