Drug Effects Causing Erectile Dysfunction

Drugs That Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is when a man is not able to have proper ejection or is not able to control it. It is a disease which could result due to some emotional reasons like guilt, depression, shyness etc. or due to physical reason such as extra workload, stress or weight gain. However, in some cases it is the side effect of taking some inappropriate type of medicine doses.

These drugs may be useful for treating that particular problem but on other hand it can result in causing another common problem called erectile dysfunction (ED) or in other cases, they may affect any nerve, hormone, circulatory muscle and can lead to onset of this disease. If not cured in time it can convert occasional problem into a lifelong, incurable disease. Effect of drugs in enhancing the problem of erectile dysfunction is not very profoundly known.

Some of the popular drugs that can cause this dysfunction are as follows:

  • Anti anxiety drugs – Fluoxetine, Nortriptyline, Phenelzine etc.
  • Antihistamines – Hydroxyzine, Meclizine, Promethazine etc.
  • Parkinson’s disease medicines – Biperiden, Levodopa etc.

Effect of drugs

The whole process of sexual intercourse is not known, only interaction of some particular hormones and chemicals occur is known to scientist till date. So it may be probably true to say that some drugs can have ill effect.

1. Testosterone is sex hormone which causes sexual arousal. Pills that are being used to lower the normal production of testosterone can be the reason for this. Adding to this our health problem like fatigue, weight loss, nausea etc. also leads to less production of sex hormone so any drugs taken to treat them will thus effects it.
2. Pills that are being taken to treat blood vessel tightening in penis, or some hormones or nerves in brain can even enhance the difficulty of erectile dysfunction.
3. Ejection of semen is caused by the normal functioning of the alpha receptor of seminal vesicle and prostrate glands. A medicine taken to decrease this function can cause this
4. There are several drugs involved which hamper the normal functioning of brain vessels and hence, causes problem.
5. Medicines used for treating depression can stimulate dysfunction more randomly. And blood pressure drugs also inhibit normal sexual function.

Other than medicines, certain other products can cause erectile dysfunction .these include alcohol, marijuana, nicotine products, cocaine, methadone.

Blood pressure and diabetes: The main culprits

Blood pressure and diabetes are not linked to erectile dysfunction directly; still they are one of the major causes of this problem. Medicines used to treat diabetes and B.P can be harmful, as some of the general pills prescribed by doctors are more commonly found to be causing erectile dysfunction. Examples of such drugs are: Chlorthalidone, Triamterene, Bumetanide, Guanfacine and Methyldopa.

The easiest and simplest way to get rid of this is to control your B.P and diabetes by switching to healthy and nutritional lifestyle. Changing your habit and food intake can check this problem. For those who cannot control it, they can seek the help of doctors. Medicines for this illness don’t cause impotence still they loosen the nerves of penis and even rupture the blood vessels which leads to erectile dysfunction. This means that even if you have the required amount of male hormone for sexual arousal and intercourse, still the pleasure of having sex and reaching orgasm is lost.

Awareness things to be taken care

If you start a new medicine course and start observing the problem, consult your doctor to change the pills. However, in some cases one gets to know the adverse effect after using the drugs for several months. So it’s advisable to remain careful from starting.

  • Either stop taking the drug completely when you become sure that particular pill is having the adverse effect or lessen the intake as this may not be reduce its action on that disease but will surely relax your dysfunction
  • Avoid using the nicotine products and illegal drugs, as sometimes they can be the sole problem, this includes refraining absolutely from smoking and drinking habit.
  • If it is not possible to change your medicine course, you can go for the drugs available in markets specially for treating erectile dysfunction such as Viagra, levitra or cialis. If you don’t want to orally take the tablets, you can go for the injection directly injected in the penis.
  • Do not panic and stop the medicine intake suddenly, this can worsen the condition for either of the diseases. When the pills consumption is stopped, normal condition can be recovered within a week. However, if your problem does not get solved, consult a doctor.
  • Do not shy from visiting your doctor, if you feel the symptoms of erectile dysfunction persist in your body. Your doctor’s help can relieve you from the pain and even he can further assist you in combating this disease and mental trauma attached with this.

Lastly, come out of the shell and talk to your partner about your problem. Be sure to tell other person about this common problem of men and your way of successfully combating it and thus winning the battle with erectile dysfunction.