Erectalis (tadalafil)

Erectalis (tadalafil)


A lot of men find it very hard getting or staying erect and achieving an erection which should be natural to them now becomes a herculean task, this is as a result of the disorder in men’s reproductive health simply known as erectile dysfunction. Erectalis is a generic form of Cialis streamlined for more efficiency and durability in the treatment of ED. With Erectalis, getting a strong and long lasting erection has become easier.

How does Erectalis work?

Erectalis comes in 10mg and 20mg dosage. Erectalis starts working averagely after 30minutes of ingestion, depending on the individual. The active ingredient, tadalafil inhibits the enzyme that reduces the inflow of blood to your penis and once this is done there would be increased blood flow to the penis region and with a little sexual stimulation, you penis stands erect and stays erect till you’re done with sexual intercourse. Erectalis does not cause erection immediately on ingestion. You need to determine yourself when to get an erection and must be by arousal.It doesn’t keep your penis erect even after ejaculation as you will lose erection upon ejaculation but will be able to regain full and strong erection shortly after ejaculation. Erectalis is designed to last in a man’s system for as long as 36hours!

How do I use Erectalis?

Use Erectalis dosage you are placed on once in 24 hours only if the effect begins to wear off at that hour otherwise take one pill in two days.The lower dosage (10mg) is usually recommended for starting users, depending on body weight, the level of ED and of course age. Avoid alcohol or fat-rich foods while using Erectalis; they affect absorption and efficiency of Erectalis respectively.Please adhere to the instructions by your physician and please be advised to use Erectalis only when you’re to have sexual intercourse.

Possible Side Effects and Who should shouldn’t take Erectalis

Common side effects of Erectalis are a headache, redness in your chest, neck, or face, stuffy nose or blocked sinuses, upset stomach, and muscle or back pain. You are advised to stop taking Erectalis immediately if you experience any of the following and seek medical attention;sudden vision loss, ringing in your ears, chest pain, heart arrhythmia, swelling in your ankles or feet, seizures, or feeling like you are going to pass out. If you experience an erection for more than 4 hours seek medical attention right away.

People who take nitrates for heart problems should not take this medicine. Also, people who are not healthy enough for sexual activity, men with a penis deformity, men with sickle cell anemia, hemophilia, a recent heart attack, angina, high or low blood pressure, or stomach ulcer, should not take Erectalis.

Where can I buy Erectalis cheap? would offer 10 tablets (20mg) of Erectalis for £14.99, 20 tablets (20mg) for just £26.99 etc. They also attempt to deliver an order within three business days from the time order has been placed. Pharmacies to be considered should be licensed by FDA and trusted.


A 62-year-old guy- asked my doctor who recommended Erectalis over Viagra and prescribed 5 mg. Definitely worked great for me with no side effects. Lasts a good 24+ hours and rock hard erection that stayed hard even without much stimulation- before would start to go soft if not getting constant stimulation. Next morning woke up with massive erection which stayed rock hard in the shower with my wife. Also much better peeing – would be happy taking one 5 mg every other day just for that.

Hello. I take the 20mg pill for a weekend of fun. A half a few hours before going out because what it releases keeps me moving through the night. I used to take Nitric Oxide that’s used before working out the gym. It would make me feel great going out. Well you can’t take NO while you take this. So this kinda does the same thing. I then take the other half an hour before GO time. WOW. The best erection you can get. Last for a couple of days.