Are you experiencing poor sex life?

The enzymes which inhibit blood flow to the penile region, PDE5 is a primary cause of erectile dysfunction suffered by millions of men worldwide and many relationships have crashed or loose sexual happiness whiles the man sticks to the excess existence of PDE5 within his penile region. Don’t ask how that can be fixed please, Eriacta has been formulated to make men with ED active again. With Eriacta, the story of many failing sexual relations is rewritten, bringing back life to dying sexual life and boosting a man’s stamina/confidence on bed like the youthful era. Eriactais a generic form of the drug Viagra by Pfizer. It comes re branded with same active ingredient (sildenafil citrate) redefined by Ranbaxy for minimal adverse, better activation while cheaper and more accessible.

Will Eriacta help me satisfy her again?

Of course yes! Provided you still have the chance to make her come to bed one more time, satisfying her will only be your choice to make. Just take one pill of Eriacta about 30 minutes to whenever you long to satisfy her, then I’d advise you make moves for all sexual stunts you initially hold back for due to ED, because at that point, Eriacta had crowned you a youthful stallion! What else would you need for that trip? When a dose of Eriacta will give you;

  • Strong/rocky erection
  • High sex libido
  • Long lasting sex drive
  • Extended orgasm
  • And a better control to ejaculation

Thanks to Eriacta you won’t ever feel low again on bed with her, but ensure not to take more than one pill a day.

Frequently Asked Questions about Eriacta

How does Eriacta work?

Eriactasimply work by inhibiting the PDE5 enzymes responsible for a poor blood flow into your penis to cause a proper circulation of blood through itand hence granting astrong erection whenever you’re aroused.

How do I use Eriacta pill?

Theinitialdoseis50mgoncedailywhen needed, which maybe increased to 100mg or reduced to 25mg depending on individuals.For people olderthan 65 years of age,the initial dose is 25mg. For maximum effect of Eriacta, please avoid foods rich in fat or intake of alcohol before using Eriacta.

Is Eriacta safe for everyone?

Men with health conditions like hypertension, diabetes and/or renal diseases, who take nitrates for heart problems, should not take Eriacta.

Where can I buy Eriacta and how much?

Feel free to order Eriacta online from any of the licensed pharmaceutical stores online. offers 20pills for $57.61, $75.25 for 30 pills, $122.46 for 60 pills etc.With free shipping option for International Unregistered Mail (10-21 days) and $30 fee for Trackable Courier Service (5-9 days)


I am 57 years young… lol… and feeling younger, thanks to Eriacta. I had a nice time with my partner in bed. I was afraid I might have side effects but it all went well. I overslept for a day or two, then got back to routine. Jerry, Munich

Eriacta worked well for my husband, Joshua. We tried the medicine in March. Since then, he is using it regularly but carefully. Freya, Sacramento says:

Is Eriacta as good as Viagra? – This is the question I asked myself when bought the pills. At least they look nearly the same. Same shape and color, so, I expected the same effectiveness. My experience were met I didn’t notice the difference but for the price. This what made me sift from Viagra to Eriacta. Which is much cheaper. No regrets by the way. Joseph