Girl friend has a High Sexual Appetite

Not successful to climax, anxiety issues

Sexual Anxiety Issues Personal Experience Story 

I am a 41 year old man who, thus far, never had the opportunity to have sexual intercourse for intimate love, and this now presents itself with a lady I am very fond of and am getting very serious about for making love.

Recently, we “tried” and I was not successful to climax during my love making performance. I identify a few anxiety issues which are involved.

First, I am not circumcised and I have a tight-ish foreskin, for which I am using Betamethasone Valerate treatment, along with some stretching.

Second, and more important, I have obviously been used, all my life this far, to the one person version of self stimulation arousal for climax.

However, I am somewhat concerned that this has “programmed” me, and that it is now difficult for me to find the attempted intercourse act sufficiently arousing to actually obtain performance abilities. In addition, there is the issue that whatever visual fantasies I preoccupied myself within the one person self stimulation version…it is difficult to get past these, it would seem, in the actual act.

My apologies if this is too explicit. It is a genuine and serious problem, I assure you, which is causing me some considerable anxiety when making love. My girlfriend has a high sexual appetite, which means that she wants this erectile dysfunction problem “sorted” fairly quickly, which in turn obviously rebounds onto performance anxiety on me…. and I am afraid that if I cant get it “sorted” or perform to satisfy her orgasmic appetite abilities when making love within a reasonable time, that she is going to look elsewhere, if you take my meaning.

I hope someone here can help me unravel this problem and offer some sound advice. Do you think Viagra would help?

Do you think it’s psychological? Thank you guys very much in advance.

Erectile dysfunction disorder problems treatment advice

When you self stimulate and climax and ejaculate OK, then your penile reproduction organ is functioning properly. So, the Viagra treatment probably would be helpful.

To get the Mental and Physical features working together try these tips and treatments suggestions below:

1) Avoid self stimulate as this can reduces libido and builds up sperm inventory waiting for bursting relief.

2) Focus more on the relationship and the sensory experiences that you’re having as opposed to the final goal.

3) Focus on the process rather than the product

4) One of the treatments that was developed some time ago by Masters and Johnson is what is known as a sensate focus technique.

There is actually a multitude of different treatments solutions for these performance anxiety problems. Or, a new method without pills impotence treatment therapy.