Goodbye Doctor’s Visits And Waiting Rooms

Goodbye Doctor’s Visits And Waiting Rooms

Unnecessary Doctor’s Office Visit A Thing Of The Past?

The future of health arrived with the launch of the New Health Tap! Free, instant access to over 12,000 of the best U.S. doctors and more. The age of mobile, dynamic, personalized and fully interactive health is here, and is available to you anytime, anywhere!

For the first time ever, you can connect, in real-time, with trusted U.S. doctors of your choice from the convenience of your mobile device or online.

With the New Health Tap, you can now have completely secure, private conversations with doctors, exchange files safely, and get the answers you need instantly for the fraction of the cost of a co-pay (and without going to the doctor’s office!).

Mobile Health Information From A Doctor

What’s more, when you decide to see a doctor in person, the New Health Tap helps you find the right local physician for you with the most advanced and personalized doctor search to date. Even when you’re not looking for health information from a doctor, you can easily and privately track your health activity and history with an intuitive and easy to use timeline.

You can experience the New Health Tap now it’s rich, interactive, easy to use, and has an entirely new look and feel. The trusted doctors on Health Tap are instantly at your service, waiting to help you live a healthier and happier life.

Better health is at your fingertips: reach out and tap into it today on iPhone, iPad, Android, or on the Web!