Guys Putting Off Doctor Visits

Guys Putting Off Doctor Visits

 Guys Putting Off Waiting Room Visits, Appointments Videos

Why Men Don’t Go to the Doctor?

58% of Men Say Something Keeps Them From Going To The Physician

Putting off doctor waiting room visits, especially for sexual health issues, is a common practice among men. If you’re a guy who waits until something is seriously wrong before considering a visit, you’re not alone.

A recent poll of 1,100 men showed that even under the best circumstances when men have health insurance and have a primary doctor they feel comfortable talking to 58% of guys say that something still keeps them from actually going to the Physician, health care provider or clinic.

Could it be that it has always been wives or mothers that push their husband or boys to go to the doctor and men just don’t like getting pushed into anything? Probably.

So what’s the issue? Or is it simply that men believe they can “shake it off” and that pain/itch/rash will go away? Perhaps.

A 2007 study by Harris Interactive for the American Academy of Family Physicians polled 1,111 men ages 18 and older. In that poll, 36% of men said they put off seeing the doctor until they are extremely sick and 23% say they’re healthy and have no reason to make an appointment.

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Wait and See Attitude: Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure and STDs

What men need to realize is that a doctor is not only there for diagnosing symptoms. They’re also there to prevent health problems from occurring before they become real issues. And the “wait and see” attitude can be particularly dangerous when it comes to sexual health, most specifically with regards to sexual transmitted diseases (STDs).

The fact is that many sexual health issues are not detectable until it’s too late. It certainly wouldn’t be advisable to ignore high cholesterol or high blood pressure until there’s advanced heart disease. Sexual health issues need the same level of attention The fact is that there are no major warning signs for the most common and harmful STDs. You can have an STD and not feel sick or even notice that anything on your body is different.

Of the estimated 1.1 million Americans living with HIV infection, 21% do not know that they are infected. Sixteen percent of the U.S. population between the ages of 14 and 49 has genital herpes. And that’s just the reported cases. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that more than 80% of the people who have the herpes simplex 2 virus have no idea they are infected.

STDs aren’t like a bad flu or sprained wrist that men would like to “shake off” or “tough it out.” If you don’t get tested, you may never know you have an STD. And if you don’t receive the proper treatment, it could lead to serious complications.

Bottom Line: Get STDs, PSA, Testosterone Levels Tested

The bottom line? Get tested today. Even if you’re in a monogamous relationship. Get tested for HIV and other STDs. And don’t forget PSA testing for prostate cancer detection. Men Over 40yrs old should get tested once a year or more. Men’s Testosterone level testing should be done also.

It’s understandable that men (and women) don’t want to go to the doctor to talk about personal issues related to our sexual health. Convenience and privacy are fundamental to getting tested for HIV, herpes, chlamydia and other STDs (See STD pictures and information). There are very convenience and private STD testing options available. No doctor’s office visits for guys.