He Doesn’t Fancy Me For Intimate Love

I really would be grateful if there was anyone out there who could give me some advice. My husband says it’s not just that he doesn’t fancy me anymore for intimate love activity, he doesn’t fancy anyone (!) so I suspected he could do with some libido lifting supplements (zinc etc) for more drive and confidence in himself.

I bought him some, but he won’t take them. Also he won’t go to his doctor about his lack of sexual desire for making love either. I love him deeply, and cannot understand his reluctance for intimate love, but how can I help my guy to make love to me?

libido Inhibited (Hypoactive) sexual desire

Please permit me to think about your post for a day or two because considering the difficulty you have been through, I want to give you my best thoughtful advice.

Let me just say a few things at this point. For starters, it is your husband who should be supporting you, loving you and giving you as much comfort as he can. Have you gone to your doctor/GYN and talked to him/her about his lack of desire for making love problem ?

Factors of reduced libido Inhibited (Hypoactive) sexual desire can be both psychological and physical. To me you and your husband must first understand what may have caused this most unfortunate “inhibited intimate desire” happening.

Yes, both of you really do need to go to therapy counseling. If your husband will not go, then you should at least go.By the way has your husband tried Viagra? Sometimes that gives a man extra confidence in himself.

Take care, and I am concerned about both of you.

Testosterone level checked

About your husband’s low libido – STRESS is one big killer of libido, be it mental, emotional or physical stress. Also, a low testosterone level will cause a low libido. I would recommend that your husband visit his doctor and have his testosterone level checked.

If it is low, then the doctor can prescribe the appropriate medication. (By the way, stay AWAY from the zinc, there are TOO many bad side effects.) Do NOT play doctor yourself, PLEASE!!! If your husband’s testosterone level is normal, then you know the problem is caused by other factors. Again, his doctor can best advise him on how to them proceed.

Sexual Drive Treatments

Now, a new reliable love making method, Dr. Joel Block’s no drugs, pills or creams, Mind Over ED therapy may improve your sexual performance desire. Or, maybe you should try some libido herbal pills and sexual performance products for added sexual drive and passion. Have you tried Viagra Levitra or Cialis? Sometimes that helps with self-confidence.