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HIV/AIDS And STD Penile Infection Diseases Guys News Articles Stories!Men’s Prevention Videos

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AHF Opens New HIV Healthcare Center in Long Beach

AIDS Healthcare Foundation opened its newest domestic Healthcare Center on January 7 in Long Beach, California. The facility offers advice from HIV experts and opportunities

A novel approach to HIV

Incarcerated teens spread the word in ‘AIDS in the End Zone’ A battle between star high-school quarterbacks for the coveted starting position forms the backdrop for a lesson about HIV/AIDS prevention for teens in the graphic novel “AIDS in the End Zone.” The mini-soap opera that unfolds between Marcus, Brad, Maria and friends, is interspersed with facts about the transmission, development and …

South African Billionaire Patrice Motsepe Gives $10 Million To Fight HIV/AIDS In Africa

Last week during the World Economic Forum gathering in Davos, Switzerland, South Africa’s richest black man, Patrice Motsepe, announced a $10 million donation to U2 singer and activist Bono?s (RED) campaign which fights HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Living With STDs Dating Near You
We met and it truly worked out
He was great, a thirty something, Irishman from Chi-town now living in Jacksonville. We emailed one each day, then talked…

  • Share the hope
    The guy who gave me herpes did so deliberately, consciously,knowingly! That’s the hardest part. I knew him for 4 years…
  • New beginnings
    I was diagnosed in 2006, I got tested after I left a 10 yr marriage, I wanted to make sure…
  • Newly Diagnosed STD!
    This STD dating site has been a big help for support. I just came out of a relationship a few…
  • Staying Hopeful
    I found out 2 years ago that I have herpes after my boyfriend at the time cheated on me.I haven’t…
  • It’s no big deal
    I’ve had herpes since March 1995. At first, I blamed the jerk who gave the STD to me. He told…
  • Dating Singles For Love Experiences With STDs Posts
    Matching advice, meeting friendship safety tips, finding locals near you experiences. STD questions and answers safety, prevention and dating partner…
  • I found the man I was looking for!
    I did find the man i was looking for. Things seem to be going on well so far. I never…

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