How Does Stress Affect Men In the Bedroom?

How Does Stress Affect Men In the Bedroom?

Modern Day Stress Affects Sexual Function in Men

Dealing with multiple roles of the modern lifestyle is like a burden on the shoulders of men. Earning well, rising high in career, having a dignified social standing and maintaining spark in marriage are the topmost concerns on a man’s mind. At times, too many financial and professional concerns put his marriage on a secondary rung. Unable to deal with the stress, men start suffering from problems in their sexual function.

Stress can even induce impotency in men and this can negatively affect or completely destroy their marital life. Stress doesn’t allow men to spend enough time with their spouses. And it causes a decline in their libidos and sexual performance too. So, the quality of physical as well as emotional relationship in a marriage is severely deteriorated due to stress.

Erectile Dysfunction Is A Direct Result Of Stress and Bad Habits

Longer working hours, haunting work pressures, financial worries and to top it all, complaints by spouse make it difficult to enjoy a satisfactory emotional and physical relationship. Moreover, men under stress have a greater tendency to indulge in unhealthy practices like smoking, alcohol and binge-eating. These factors further serve to dampen the sexual function. The increase in the number of males suffering from erectile dysfunction is a direct result of stress and other associated bad habits.

How to Fight Stress and Enhance Sexual Performance:

  • Learn to dissipate stress using techniques rather than letting it affect your sexual performance and overall relationship with your spouse.
  • Exercising regularly provides outlets for stress removal which later doesn’t accumulate to an unhealthy extent.
  • Do not take to harmful forms of momentary stress busting like smoking, alcohol and junk food eating. Instead eat good nutritious food, and opt for yoga and meditation to relieve tension and enhance mood.
  • Stress increases the number of free radicals within the body. Free radicals damage body cells and even sexual organs are not spared. Increase your intake of vegetables and fruits as these are loaded with antioxidants. Antioxidants stabilize free radicals and stop them from damaging the sexual organs.
  • Semen production, sperm count, sperm quality and smooth blood flow to the sexual organs are some important parameters that affect sexual function in men. Being deficient in certain nutrients like zinc, selenium and omega-3-fatty acids may cause infertility. Zinc is known to boost testosterone, a sex hormone vital to sexual performance. Lack of testosterone is a major cause of loss of libido.
  • Eating foods, which act as aphrodisiacs for natural male enhancement, like oysters, dark chocolate, chill peppers, avocados and asparagus may help you increase your physical drive by increasing blood flow to the sexual organs.
  • Natural male enhancement supplements like Maxbido, ginseng, Horny goat extract, etc. all help by increasing libido, improving blood flow to the sexual organs, resolving erectile dysfunction and improving overall sexual performance.
  • Don’t keep worries and issues pent-up within your mind. Talk it out with your spouse and resolve them before misunderstandings start cropping up and invading your marital life.
  • Take the help of a sexologist or a psychiatrist, or join a health spa to dissolve your stress and experience complete relaxation.