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Hypospadias Abnormality Penile Urinary Birth Defect

  • Hypospadias is a male abnormality deformity of the urethra resulting from incomplete development which is usually identified at birth and is a sometimes common penis defect that looks like it would be horrible to have permanently.
  • Basically, the mislocated urethra urinary outlet opening for urination is on the underside of the penile shaft, rather than at the top or tip of the male penis head (glans).
  • This abnormal urinary misplacement condition may often be coordinated with a distinct bend in the penis that is especially pronounced during erection.
  • Now, more than 70% of penises curve a bit in some direction, but this is more distinct (like Men’s Penile Peyronie’s Disease). A hypospadias defect disorder may be suspected even in an uncircumcised boy from an abnormally formed foreskin and downward tilt of the penis head.
  • Since these two penis defects may make urination and sexual intercourse difficult later in life, surgery to the penis urinary outlet opening is usually prescribed. Fortunately, almost all cases can be treated successfully.
  • The penile surgery lasts from two to three hours, and is almost always performed on an male infant ages 9-12 months (although there are no physical complications for performing the surgery later in life).
  • Most hypospadias defect conditions are sporadic, without inheritance or family recurrence; however, it can result from genetics.

What Is Hypospadias Penis Abnormality Cause

  • Hypospadias (Hypospadias defect) occurs in about 1/125 infant males.
  • In most cases, the cause of the hypospadias mislocated urinary outlet opening is not known. Hypospadias are among the most common birth defects of the male genitalia. Certain disorder conditions, however, are known to result in hypospadias abnormal penis development.
  • If the testes fail in males to produce adequate amounts of testosterone, virilization (enlargement and abnormal development of the genital tubercle and scrotal swellings) will not be complete and the hypospadias penis urinary outlet misplacement disorder will result.
  • Similarly, if the cells of the penile structures lack adequate androgen receptors, hypospadias defect will occur. If those penis cells lack the androgen converting enzyme, 5 alpha reductase, inadequate androgen stimulation will follow and male genital hypospadias birth defect condition will occur.