I cry and beg him for his love

I cry and beg him for his love

I Want Him To Want Me

I am really trying to understand but don’t. My husband had his testosterone level checked and it is normal but he still has no intimate desire to make love. He can get an erection to perform effectively. The only time we have sex is if I cry and beg him for his love and make him feel guilty.


Lately I have just been actually climbing on him in the morning when he has a hard on but I am finding that, knowing I have to do that is making me more depressed

Why He Doesn’t Desire Sex

In the beginning, he couldn’t keep his hands off me. Now I constantly feel undesired by him. I am very clean about myself and have tried to get him to open up to me sexually.

Says he doesn’t know why he doesn’t desire sex and that it is not me. I even asked if maybe he thought he would be turned on by another man. I want him to want me and don’t understand why he doesn’t. I get hit on all the time by guys, so I know I am not ugly.

Can someone help me try to understand him his lack of sexual desiresexual desire. He is 49 years old and I am 35 and in my prime. We have gone months without sex and would go longer if I didn’t cry and make him feel guilty. The only time he will make love to me is if he has to. continue to read…