I Had Prostate Cancer Proton Radiation Treatment

I Had Prostate Cancer Proton Radiation Treatment

Proton Radiation Personal Experience

There is a book just out called You Can Beat Prostate Cancer written by Robert J. Marckini a prostate cancer survivor. The book tells a lot about prostate cancer and then outlines all of the treatment available today plus the Pros and cons of each including side effects..

It is a great book and any one with prostate cancer or prostate problems should have it..It can be purchased at Barnes and Noble and on ebay I think plus some other places.

I had Prostate Cancer in 2005 and was treated with Proton Radiation at Loma Linda University Medical Center in Loma Linda California.

Proton Radiation usually has no side effects and has about a 90% cure rate..I personally believe it is the very best treatment available today.. It is very different from conventional radiation in that about 85-90% of the treatment energy is released exactly at the point being treated. Therefore, surrounding tissues and organs are not damaged by the radiation as in conventional radiation.. therefore one has little to no side effects. Proton Radiation basically treats only the area needing to be treated.

There is a website called Proton Bob(Bob stands for brotherhood of the balloon) The website is great ..if you or any a friend or relative have Prostate cancer .. please read the website.. and especially read the Patient Testimonial section..

Every one who has ever had Prostate Cancer and was treated with Proton Radiation is completely sold on it.. and why not.. it has no side effects and as good if not better cure rate than all the other treatment..Many doctors have been reluctant to recommend Proton Radiation, they didn’t know about it, considered it experimental or it was a money thing.. you don’t make any money sending your patients somewhere else for treatment..

However some have started to take notice and can no longer ignore the amazing results that Loma Linda University Medical Center has had with it over the last 17 years.. It is now being offered at several other hospitals and several treatment facilities are currently under construction..

It is offered at M D Anderson in Houston( just opened last may), Mass General in Boston(Harvard) a hospital in Jacksonville Florida and one in Indiana I think.. the Proton Bob website gives all the locations

There are some really bad side effects with most of the other treatment. With Proton Radiation, it does not effect your sexual ability as most of the other treatment do. I was not sick one day during the treatment or any time after my treatment.. it was like a vacation almost.. Only side effect I had was driving on interstate 10 out in California now that was bad!!!!

PSA is now .13

Ohh my PSA is now .13 and dropping that’s point one three!!!! If you have any questions any experience with Prostate Cancer or Proton Radiation, feel free to email me (93nrqtol@hotmail.com) I will also be glad to visit with you on the phone about it if you or a relative or friend has Prostate Cancer..

Having Prostate cancer was not that big of thing with me especially after having Proton Radiation.. It is a good and simple cure..

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