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the-mind-over-ed-manualThe Mind Over ED Manual

by Joel Block, Ph.D

The foundation component of the ED Brain Breakthrough program is the 50-page Mind Over ED Manual. It’s packed with information that will quickly transform the way you feel about your ED, yourself and your partner, then reveal the heart of the proven treatment protocol developed over 30 years and tested and refined on thousands of patients.

The Impotence Guide Book will also:

Shatter the biggest myths about losing your erection, expose what’s really happening and how to get back to great sex.

penis-powerPENIS POWER 

By Dr. Danoff

Dr. Danoff shares the complexity and mystery of the male anatomy; addresses the fears, fiction, and fantasies of men and women alike; and alleviates the shame, curiosity, and misinformation so many of us have, replacing them with knowledge, pride, and self-confidence.

Did you know that 99% of male dysfunction occurs between the ears (home of the brain), while a mere 1% of problems are physical limitations caused by organic reasons, medications, or surgeries, according to Dr. Danoff. In an entertaining yet educational manner, Dr. Danoff addresses the issues of erectile dysfunction, male physiology, diseases,impotence, the “magic blue pills,” the prostate, penis enlargement, and sexual satisfaction. With candor, eloquence, and a comforting family-doctor style, Dr. Danoff demystifies the penis once and for all, including Candid information about the medical and emotional causes of impotence, with practical suggestions for solving penis weakness of any kind Enlightening discussions showing readers how to banish stress from the bedroom and make sex fun again

ed-therapyThe Impotence Source book

by Christopher P. Steidle, John J. Mulcahy

Source book written for the consumer, discusses the different causes of and treatments for impotence. Discusses the physical examination and tests used to determine the cause, as…
(Paperback Book – September 1999)

Impotence: Integrating Couple Therapy, Sex Therapy, and Medical Treatment

by Gerald R. Weeks, Nancy Gambescia

Weeks (U. of Las Vegas) and Gambescia, a Pennsylvania-based marital and sex therapist, integrate the psychological and organic causes and treatments for the disorder that has become well known with the release of the drug Viagra and as the baby boomers reach their fifties. They reveal that medical…

Hardcover Research Reference Book – 201 pages 1 Ed edition (April 15, 2000)

get-it-upGet It Up!

Revealing the Simple Surprising Lifestyle that Causes Migraines, Alzheimer’s, Stroke, Glaucoma, Sleep Apnea, Impotence,… and

by Sydney Ross Singer, Soma Grismaijer

Get It Up! explains in clear language how the brain works, what it needs to work well, and how it can become diseased by a simple lifestyle practice that has been recognized, but ignored, my medicine. Self-study directions help the reader practice the needed lifestyle change to recover brain health, vitality, and clarity. More than that, Get It Up! will empower you with resource references information that may extend your life, and improve its quality. (Paperback Resource Book – October 2000)

beyond-viagraBeyond Viagra

A Commonsense Guide to Building a Healthy Sexual Relationship for Both Men and Women
by Gerald A., Md. Melchiode, Bill Sloan(Contributor)

A blast of good sense from a knowledgeable source, this puts Viagra in a proper perspective as a treatment for impotence. Psychiatrist Melchiode has been a therapist in human sexuality for more than 30 years, and he knows a..Dr. Melchiode, who participated in some of the early clinical trials of Viagra, gives the reader a tour of the sexual psyche, pointing out the obstacles and pitfalls posed by treatment, whether with drugs or through other means. Most important, he makes the critical point that men must involve their partners in the treatment, and offers sage advice on how to do so in a positive and loving manner.