Impotence FAQs

Impotence FAQs

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  • Cant Get Fully Erect Anymore
    What if I cant get hard for her. I cant get fully erect anymore. Can I please her?
  • Lose my erections & couldn’t get it up with this woman!
    I am well pissed off! I got off with this woman last night and this was the first time for a while. Then I couldn’t get an erection.
  • Can smoking, stress and self-simulation cause male impotence!
    I’ve had problems getting a full penis erection, like it gets up so far but not far enough to penetrate.
  • Penis got limp, get impotence problem experience
  • We were fooling around and she took off my pants, and right there my penis got limp & soft and even when she kept touching me I couldn’t get a hard erection.
  • Had surgery and crohn’s disease, impotence condition, why?
  • Women impotence. Will cow medication therapy work?
  • Impotence anxiety symptoms during sexual intercourse
  • When switching a position he will lose his penis hard on!
  • Need to have sex & perform with girlfriends with my socks on!
  • Please advise libido sexual desire food menus & exercise!
  • Penis foreskin overlap is sensitive and pain with sex
  • Ejaculation problems when masturbate & sexual encounter
  • Male erection dysfunction issues & psychological problems
  • Can I Have Anal Sex After Laser Coagulation Surgery?
  • Afraid that an orgasm would injure my testicles genitalia!
  • Men masturbate with other men sexual interaction!
  • Fingered her with ejaculation semen fluid. Is she pregnant?
  • As a female, best oral sex I’ve ever had, has been with a women
  • Can only orgasm (cum) once, abnormally small penis
  • Penis pain, genital herpes symptoms and negative doctor tests!
  • Testes pain and tubules detached, cancer symptoms?
  • Is it possible to control an erection? Its really embarrassing
  • Male Performance, but no sperm Why? infertility tests needed?
  • Smoking marijuana: can it affect my male genitalia?
  • Join us at Aids Myths Exposed forum
  • When boyfriend ejaculates (cums), his semen fluid is clear
  • Genital erection is different! Could penis ligament be detached?
  • Harpooned! He is on prozac, prilosec, viagra, enlarged prostate pills!
  • I think my girlfriend is too critical about penis size
  • Boyfriend’s penis burning after ejaculation,
  • Ejaculation dysfunction, loss penis feeling symptoms
  • Embarrassed teen, ejaculates fast when masturbating !
  • This Week at Health Gate
  • Fiance’s penis foreskin injury
  • What is the average size penis?
  • some questions about women squirt or ejaculate?
  • Erectile difficulties, Performance Anxiety during sexual intercourse
  • Masterbating every day in the shower
  • HIV exposure, at risk symptoms?
  • Male powerful orgasm & ejaculation!!???
  • Small penis, is there anything out there besides surgery for enlargement?
  • Normal sexual behavior looking at topless boobies & masterbate?
  • peyrones disease symptoms
  • burning feeling during ejaculation
  • Engorged testicles (balls), cannot pleasure myself.
  • cant ejaculate for my girlfriend
  • Small amount of SPERM
  • Female Libido (Sexual Desire) Low – my fiancee is always UP!
  • A POZ network for HIV/AIDS chat, meeting ..
  • my husband’s sex drive has diminished
  • Injured my penis with hand job and my penis wont heal.
  • blood pressure,diabetes symptoms,depression diagnosis
  • Circumcised penis hole, urinate and it goes back to normal
  • Dry red skin on penis head, sexual transmitted disease (std)?
  • Premature ejaculation issues disorder condition
  • special techniques, exercises and diet?
  • Penis enlarging pills to GROW your penis bigger. Does It work?
  • penis enlargement products
  • Is it possible to milk the male prostate gland in men
  • Milking the prostate gland for sexual stimulation and orgasm
  • Paraplegia cannot get a erection
  • I am 33 years old and I feel my erection is not as firm as it used to be
  • Premature ejaculation (husband’s)
  • how long does normal sexual intercourse session last…
  • my sexual partner can’t ejaculate cum
  • low self-esteem, depression and lack of confidence symptoms
  • Peyronies Disease and doctors diagnosis
  • Vacuum pump and MUSE together
  • mental loss of sexual drive and can’t shoot it like I used to
  • Problems coming, girlfriend or health issue?
  • loss of libido,psychological symptoms and hypertension
  • My Problem, go for 1-2 HOURS before ejaculation
  • Sometimes no erection Sexual dysfunction
  • Whats wrong with me? Has taking painkillers killed my libido?
  • easy erections,how can I keep it down?
  • does practice make perfect to increase my stamina??
  • penis problem, is my penis different?
  • I go soft minutes after I put it in a women
  • The day after Viagra, my man has bad stomach cramps.
  • premature ejaculation,what causes this?
  • Natural herbal remedies and nutritional supplements
  • I have male Peyronies Disease (PD) curved penis problem
  • sexual problem, penis leaking before sex
  • not enough, my wife cannot keep up
  • testicles, my scrotum completely retracts
  • Is Prozac prescription drug effective for premature ejaculations
  • I would like to have a bigger Penis.
  • Is masturbation normal and is it healthy?
  • What options do I have to treat sexual dysfunction?
  • I’m senior male, is it healthy for me to have sex often?
  • I have prostate cancer will viagra still work?
  • Penile Problem: Penis Itching, Redness, Odor Inside Foreskin
  • Is there a way to stop a male from having an penis erection
  • Viagra, vibrator, Chains and seniors road trip joke

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