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Viagra News Report: How One Man Sought An Impotence Treatment And Found One

This is a news report from Viagra’s front lines. It is from a married man in his early 50s, a friend who has tried out Pfizer’s new impotence (Erectile Dysfunction) drug. Call him Doe; he does not want his name used. And call him grateful; Viagra worked for him.

Is it a wonder drug? Doe, who has been married about 30 years, began experiencing erectile dysfunction¬† now the preferred medical term for impotence — about four years ago. He could achieve an erection but could sustain it less and less often. Seeking medical advice didn’t help. During a physical exam. Click to continue to Viagra News Report.

NewsLetter: Seven Ways of Preventing Erectile Dysfunction

Don’t take your erections or your potency for granted is the message men need to hear around their fortieth birthday,” says Gene who recently turned 50.

He began to have some erectile difficulties about a decade ago. “I wasn’t getting hard enough often enough and I wasn’t staying hard enough,” he says succinctly.

I knew that some change was inevitable, but I was experiencing too much change. I had the sexual responses of a man twenty years my senior.

  • Blog: The Most Common Causes of Impotence
    By the time guys are 40 years old, the majority of men have experienced at least one erectile failure. It may be caused by fatigue, stress, not being in the mood or too much to drink.
  • Is his high blood pressure causing his impotence problem?
    hi my bf of 24 years off and on is now having trouble with his erection for making love. we just got back together and this happened the other night . happened 1 time last year to. never had this impotence problem before ever.