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Orgasms don’t give pleasure anymore, don’t shoot, just dribbles
when i go to orgasm instead of shooting out like it used to, i get a huge build up in the end of my penis and then it just dribbles out.

Boy friend Having Climax difficulty
My boyfriend and I love each other deeply but recently whilst making love I found that he was having difficulty in having an orgasm.

Leaking pre cum, pre ejaculate, Cowper’s semen fluid from penis
when im aroused i get a clear seminal fluid leakage that just comes from my erected penis its not much but is this normal its clear i believe its from be aroused,

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  • Stench after sex & discomfort. Neither of us have STD!
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  • Premature ejaculation problem, he use to make love to me for hours
  • Curved penis! Pimpleish things all over my penis and testicles
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  • Never had any sexual sensations feeling in penis
  • Increase Viagra Drug Dosage Strength questions?
  • lease help, after having sex, semenial cum was waterey
  • Blood in semen sperm. No money to see a doctor. Infection Causes?
  • Pain in testicle after making love to my wife. Making wife nuts!
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  • Dermatitis infection on the penis questions. Anyone had this?
  • My husband woke up with blood on his underwear from his penis
  • Help, my husband had 3 erections, but then loses it?
  • My boyfriend can’t come when he reaches climax
  • Blood coming from penis caused by oral sex?
  • Penis “hooking” to the right, psychological problem for me
  • Creamy white substance from the penis
  • Lacks penis sensation because of woman’s wet vagina
  • Penis Size, Orgasms Climax, Ejaculate Pre-Cum Causes Advice
  • After ejaculation, do you remain hard with Viagra?
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  • Sometimes erection, but no sperm when I ejaculate
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  • Male g spot topics, I enjoyed her doing this to me!
  • Burning ball bag questions
  • During sex with my girlfriend, penis not entering properly
  • Married and feelings for Male Friends, friendship or sexuality?
  • Inablitly to ejaculate during intercourse or oral sex, no clue
  • Husband’s penis tends to invert transverse.
  • Sensitive, sexual nerve from the tip of my penis to my testicle!
  • Lack of sex in my marriage, at loss to know what we can do
  • White bumps on penis trunk (pearly penile pauples?)
  • Not lasting long when comes to sex, want to last longer
  • My boyfriend gets off, sometimes he don’t cum,need help
  • In certain love making positions testicles reascending
  • My penis is small when flaccid
  • When it comes to sex, why can’t i cum?
  • My penis has some kind of allergy
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  • Can’t do sex, is it me or him?
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  • Prostate Cancer topics and gay men
  • Feeling of having to urinate when excited
  • I need prolonged erection to last longer
  • Blood mixed in sperm after ejaculation
  • I want to have sex with my own mother!
  • Do men get aroused with nipples play?
  • Do Longitude capsules work for penis size?
  • Is it my age or a sexual arousal problem?
  • Should I take viagra to stimulate me sexually?
  • is it possible for a man to have too much sex…
  • Holding back ejaculations during climax

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