Is A Male Birth Control Pill Coming Soon?

Is A Male Birth Control Pill Coming Soon?

Male Contraception

The earth’s population is predicted to reach a staggering seven billion people by the year 2012. Not surprisingly, many of these pregnancies were unplanned. More male contraceptive options are available now than ever. It’s absolutely vital for sexually active men to have a proper understanding of the effectiveness and application of these various contraceptive methods.

Pulling Out Method

Coitus interrupt us is most commonly among inexperienced teenagers, and widely believed to be a factor in the ever growing number of teenage pregnancies. Obviously all unprotected sex can transmit STDs, but penile withdrawal can nevertheless reduce the chances of pregnancy.

Reproductive health professionals usually warn pre-ejaculate can carry live sperm and lead to pregnancy. Male self-control is also an issue. However, controversial research indicates withdrawal only has a four percent failure rate if practiced correctly. The research also indicates the commonly held belief that mobile sperm are present in pre-ejaculate is false. Opinions are sharply divided on this method, but in any case withdrawal should be used only as last-resort contraception.


Whether one loves or hates them, few can question the effectiveness of condoms in preventing both pregnancy and disease. Studies show only two of every 100 sexually active couples who use condoms on a regular basis experience unwanted pregnancy. As far as male contraception is concerned, using a condom is the most effective method that doesn’t require expensive medical procedures.

They also are invaluable in preventing diseases such as HIV. Especially when engaging in sexual activity with a partner whose history is uncertain, a condom is the only genuinely safe option for male contraception.


If one is certain of a decision not to have any children, this permanent method of birth control achieves complete male sterility. The vas deference is cut, clamped, or sealed, ensuring that no sperm can mix with the rest of the ejaculate. This renders a man effectively sterile once lingering sperm have been flushed from his system.

Male Contraceptive Hormones

The above are the most commonly used male contraceptive methods, but a male birth control pill or other hormonal contraceptive may soon be an available option. The demand is high and pharmaceutical companies have been pouring millions into research for quite a few years. Will science help ease overpopulation and decrease the number of unwanted children? Only time will tell.