“Does Guys Jelqing Penis Augmentation Exercises Work?” Jelq Increase Width Bigger And Longer Size Enlargement

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The Penile Jelqing exercising augmentation techniques and routines to increase penis size was reportedly first used by Arab tribesmen centuries ago as part of the passage from puberty to manhood.

A symbol of masculinity and power in many cultures, a thick manly penile external reproductive organ is an object of desire for many women and an object of envy by our less-endowed brothers many are to believe.

By using this exercising technique routine method 5 times a week for 10 to 30 minutes a day, some men might attained significant enhancement increases in length and in girth size.

For this reason, Jelqing is considered the most effective method of penis size enlargement believers say.

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  • Everyone wished to jelq with a hard penis, it will eventually damage your member.

Care must be taken that the augmentation exercise is Not Performed During Hard Erections. Vascular (vein) damage or injury could result if the penis is forcibly milked in its fully erect state.

If after doing the technique you see any red blotches or dots you used to tight a grip have ruptured some superficial blood vessels and should wait until they heal (Approximately 24-48 hours) before applying this or any other enlargement technique.

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Times of India – India – 17 December

The Jelqing exercises, techniques & routines are the most common method of penis size enlargement being touted today. Basically jelqing method consists of a “milking” motion down the penis that is supposed to gradually increase both length and circumference for a bigger size. Many sites suggest that enlargement is caused by breaking down and building up the tissues of the penis just like you exercise to make you biceps size larger.But there are no tissues in the penis that respond this way. The specifics of how to jelq vary widely from site to site. Some insist it won’t work unless the exercises, techniques & routines are done with a full erection, while others warn that doing it with a full erection will cause damage.

DOES Penis Enlargement Work? – Jelq, pills and surgery options
The bottom line is that enhancement pills, vacuum pump, herbal creams and oils and other sexual health products possibly don’t work for a bigger penis, and surgery, which does work, can be dangerous and leave a man disfigured or impotent.

The “unproven” methods have a theoretical chance of doing some enlarging size, but they also have a very real chance of doing long term and permanent harm. In the end each couple (it’s her’s too) must weigh the possible risks against the possible benefits for a bigger penis.

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