Lab Testing

Lab Testing

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Analysis Tests Results And Medical Reports – 4 Easy Steps
Step 1: Online Lab Screening Test Selection

docSelect a Lab Panel below that is right for you with the easy to use online Clinic Testing Panels. Choose from STD testing, urine tests, blood testing, male fertility, men’s testosterone, drug screening, Prostate Cancer – PSA, CBC, Cholesterol etc.

Start taking control of your wellness health today and place your order online at a FDA certified STD testing lab near you for more information. All lab results are private. Labs will not share information with your insurance company or any other third party without your consent.

Step 2: Locate A local Clinic Lab Close To Home

The Online Pharmacy will locate the online medical lab testing center closest to you and send you all the test paperwork necessary for the lab tests you requested. Rest assured that these are the very same clinics that your doctor uses.

Step 3: Take The Test At Your Convenience

Simply take your test paperwork to the lab of your choice. There is no appointment necessary, so you choose when it’s most convenient for you to get your lab testing done.

Step 4: Confidential Lab Test Results

There’s no need to wait up to two weeks for your laboratory test results.  A licensed medical physician will review your results and determine the appropriate course of action, usually within three to five days of your clinic blood test.

You can order your lab test, blood work, urine tests and screening online – put yourself in control of your health wellness.

Preparation Requirements For Panel Lab Testing

Some of the more common types of preparation required for clinic testing include fasting (to go without all or certain foods) for several hours before the test or even overnight.

Certain tests may require you to increase or decrease the amount you drink for 10 to 12 hours prior to the test.

There may be specific foods and medications you will need to avoid. Or you may be asked not to smoke before the test or even not to drink your favorite herbal tea.

If you are collecting the specimen at home (such as urine, stool, or semen), you could be asked to follow certain procedures to transport the specimen from home to the lab.

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Select Lab test panel, screening done through a clinic near you or in home/office

  • Male fertility Sperm Check In home
  • Prostate Cancer – PSA Panel In home
  • STD Test Lab
  • Herpes Test Lab
  • HIV Test In home or Lab
  • Urinalysis Test Lab
  • Men’s Testosterone In home
  • Women’s Fertility In home
  • Drug Screening In home
  • CBC (Complete Blood Count) Lab

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