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Can I Have Anal Sex After Laser Coagulation Surgery?

I just discovered it last Thursday and based on previous experience it would not go away for weeks. I kept applying the ointment and using the supposition but the situation has not improved (if anything it got worse – with the development of little small spots of hard, painful tissues on the side of the anus, which had not been there before I started using the medication). Anyway, I am now considering laser coagulation. I know that the recovery time for this varies among different individuals, but can anyone give me some hints on the time they need to recover? I saw a post that in a bad case, it could be indeed very painful and stop you from concentrating on daily activities. If there is a risk that I can become really sick because of it then I guess I should just keep on applying the useless ointment. Otherwise, I would really want to give the laser a try. Is it likely that one can have anal sex within a week of the laser surgery – assuming of course that the surgery goes well?