Male Hormone Performance Abilities

Male Hormone Performance Abilities

Men’s Testosterone, Libido & Guys Sexual Desire Drive

It’s Not Just Your Bat; It’s The Amount Of Testosterone Behind It That Makes A Difference!

During and interview with homerun champion Mark McGwire, a reporter casually glanced into Mark’s locker. Somewhat hidden on the back of the shelf was an innocent looking bottle. Curiously, the reporter craned his neck to see the label.

“Androstenedione! So that’s your secret,” the reporter practically shouted. Everyone in the locker room looked around and was silent as McGwire drew back in surprise and shuttered a feeble, “So what!” The story became big news, but later McGwire successfully defended himself as a man with a simple statement, “It’s a legal and important nutritional herbal supplement. ” Most men in the sports field are excited about androstenedione, (ASD) because it isn’t dangerous like the infamous anabolic steroids. There is no heart or kidney danger. It doesn’t induce breasts on guys and facial hair on women.

ASD Converts To Testosterone

In your body Androstenedione (ASD) is naturally produced in your body by the adrenal gland. The male body immediately converts it to testosterone, and that’s what the athletes were looking for…as much testosterone as possible. Testosterone makes you stronger, causes your muscles to grow, gives guys more endurance, and last but far from least. It is the prime producer of your Libido, sexual desire drive and sensual performance abilities – like nothing else in your entire body.

Increases Testosterone 15% in 60 Minutes

Just recently, scientists found a way to synthesize or make an exact copy of ASD that can be taken orally in pill form. According to clinical tests, ASD increases your testosterone level by a whopping 24% on average within 60 to 90 minutes after taking it. That’s why McGwire had it in his locker. Taken an hour before a game, ASD would increase his strength level dramatically by game time. And whammo! There goes another one out of the park. Here’s why ASD is gold for older men: The amount of androgens you produce in your body steadily declines after you pass the age of 25.

By the age of 80, you can expect your androgen level to be decreased by 40.8% to 72.8% (56.8% average). Androstenedione is one of those and rogens, and its average drop is about 51%. Dr Jesse Berline of Harvard confirmed the correlation between ASD and Testosterone. He assisted Dr. Anna Grey of the New England Research Institute in examining the results of 88 published research studies on age and testosterone. They found that the average decline of testosterone is 35% as guys get older. Also, the conclusive study reported that men with practically any kind of injury or illness have substantially lower Testosterone levels. This includes chronic illnesses, such as arthritis and diabetes.

This Culprit In Decreased Sexual Desire (Libido) And Performance Abilities Is Also The Reason You Get Flabby With Age.

As your testosterone levels drop, your muscles shrink and fatty tissue increases-even with moderate exercise. Several university research centers, including University of California and Washington University (St. Louis), participated in studies on the effects of adding testosterone to men’s diets.

Muscles Increase 10% With No Exercise!

Dr. S.B. Hasin reported they found the size of men’s arm and leg muscles increased by almost 10% in just 10 weeks of hormone supplementation without any exercise program. An important muscle it particularly strengthens is the heart muscle. Another study at the University of Southern California and the Veteran’s Administration Hospital showed that testosterone has quite a few duties besides sexual and muscular enhancement. Dr. A.D. Mooradian reported it facilitates oxygen absorption in the bloodstream, strengthens the immune system, increases nerve growth in the brain and improves the sythesis of blood sugars.

Men With Impotence Have Low Testosterone Hormone

Guys with impotence usually have very low testosterone levels, so low in some cases that the shrinkage of the penis and testicles is very noticeable. Urologists often give them Testosterone replacement therapy. Dr. J.S. Tenover of the University of Washington’s Harborview Medical Research Center reported that impotent guys receiving testosterone not only experienced penile enlargement and bigger size of their penises and testicles, but they also had lower bad cholesterol and a decline in bone resorption (osteoporosis).

Just like many women who have low estrogen level and get osteoporosis, men with low testosterone get the same bone-crippling disease. Osteoporosis severely undermines your whole structure, making falls more likely and, of course, when you fall, the brittle bones break very easily. Dr. C. Wang of UCLA Medical Center studied the psychological effects of testosterone replacement on men with erectile dysfunction and reported significant decreases in anger, irritability, sadness, nervousness and tiredness. The doctor also reported that the men had beneficial increases in energy, friendliness and sense of well-being.

If You Are Not Getting A Waking Erection, Look Out

When your testosterone is low, the number of night and morning erections is also low. Most men don’t pay any attention to this or simply attribute it to getting older. If you don’t get a night or waking erection almost every day; then your testosterone level is too low -even if you are in your seventies! The reason for this is that around midnight, your testosterone level begins to rise and reaches a peak between 5 A.M. and 8 A.M.

The exceptions include the times you’ve over indulged in alcohol, taken drugs, had extreme stress, or anxiety, illness or an injury. “Every woman looks good at 2 a.m.”. Most men have joked that when they were younger, almost any woman looked good just before the bar closed or when the party was over. Well, there’s a bit of fact to that joke; it’s that midnight surge of testosterone, and I bet it brings back some memories.