Male Long Nose Hair Problem

Does your woman nag you about protruding unsightly nose hair?

75% of women are turned off by a bushy nose. They know it’s a matter of hygiene and a socially unacceptable way of men presenting themselves.

Ever catch her staring at your nose instead of paying attention to what you are saying

Nose hair does serve many useful purposes such as keeping foreign matter, pollution or unwanted particles from reaching your anterior breathing nasal passage and lungs. So, our suggestion is that you only trim nose hairs that are unsightly.

Male hormones are responsible for protruding nose hair.

Aging can also lead to protruding nose hair due to changes in testosterone production. This is a natural occurrence, it can definitely be a unsightly problem.

Men, take a close look in the mirror and find out if your nose needs some trimming maintenance so you can avoid an embarrassing social situation.

Grooming management maintenance to eliminate the bushy look:

1) Guys can use cutting scissors but, it’s a very sensitive area that you have to be careful with how you approach nose hair grooming.

2) The Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose Trimmer
Within seconds all protruding nose hairs are removed. The blades are guaranteed to never cut the sensitive lining of the nostril so it is possible to safely trim nose hair further into the nostril if desired.

3) Nad’s Nose Wax self applying waxing application, good for three weeks of unwanted hair.

4) See video for no plucking professional nose waxing for unsightly embarrassing protruding hair.