Male Mastubating Together Attraction & Interaction

Male Mastubating Together Attraction & Interaction

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I met this older gentleman while attending college in Santa Barbara long ago. I cannot recall his name. He was an aging white male in his late forties or early fifties. Being eighteen or nineteen years of age,this was my first sexual encounter with another person.

I was walking my pet labrador one afternoon along Cabrillo Blvd. in front of a bunch of motels across from the beach when I stopped in front of one of those motels to rest. As I sat on a short wall, a man walking his white poodle came up to me. He told me he was a visitor in town and asked if I would show him around. I was cautious and lied about having to be back at school soon.

We made small talk for awhile and for reasons I can’t remember, I followed him to his motel room. During the time I was inside, the door to the room was always left opened as we talked. While he asked me questions, I stayed close to the floor petting his dog. He seemed to continually ask me if I really had to go back to school. I told him I did. We then made plans to meet the next day at his room for me to show him the beaches around Santa Barbara. I then left.

At home that night, I had the feeling that he wanted sex with me. I don’t know why, but I hoped it might happen. The next morning, I took a nice healthy shit and wiped my ass real good in case we did have sex and he wanted to fuck it. Later on that afternoon, I hopped on my motorcycle and rode over to his motel. Once there, I parked it and knocked on his door. He was wearing only a bathing suit when he let me in. As he layed down on his bed, I told him I was ready to go and show him around. He told me to relax and watch a program he liked on television with him.

I began to get nervous and sat down in a chair to watch the tv. After a short while, he motioned me over to the bed to be more comfort- able. I declined his offer and again reminded him that we should leave. He persistently urged me to relax on the bed with him before we went anywhere. Well, I finally gave in and did as he asked and layed down beside him on his right side while fully clothed. As we made small talk, I felt and saw the back of his right hand gently nudging my crotch as he talked. I pretended to ignore it. That was hard to do since I had an erection under my pants due to his light rubbing. At one point, he said we should go swimming and for me to put on an extra pair of swimming trunks he happened to have. I said I didn’t want to and that it was time to go. He kept on insisting as we talked. Since his hand was still at my crotch, I gave in.

As I got out of bed, he got up to retrieve the shorts and then tossed them to me from the opposite side of the bed. While I undressed, he said he was going to change into another pair of swimming trunks. He faced me as he dropped his shorts so I would get a good look at his dick. Once all my clothes were off, I noticed him continually eyeballing me and I felt embarrassed of my erection and mumbled something to him about being excited. He didn’t say anything as I put the suit on and as he put his on. As to why I didn’t turn my back to him while I was briefly naked, I really don’t know. In fact, I realized at the time that he had a per- fect view of my 4 and 3/4 inch erect penis sticking way out from my body since I had been standing sideways away from his direct glare.

We then both went back to the bed and layed down again. We made more small talk and his hand went back to brushing my crotch. Also at times, his left hand would disappear under his bathing suit. He pretended to scratch his nuts or something. Well, at this point, I knew exactly what he wanted and said to hell with it. I got up from the bed, removed my shorts and layed back down next to him. My cock was fully erect as he brushed it lightly with the back of his hand again. He seemed slightly taken aback and asked if it was all right. I said yes.

After that, I don’t remember everything exactly how we did it, but I’ll tell what I do remember. He grasped my erection with his hand and began to stroke it. I think he removed his shorts at this time. As he masturbated me, I asked him if I could touch his. He said sure. His cock was short, thick and stubby. I grasped his cock with my left hand and stroked on it as he did mine. His cock felt weird in my hand as we mutualy stroking each other and I soon found myself actually enjoying the sensation of his foreskin moving up and down in my hand. After a short while of this, he sat up and bent his head over and began to do oral on my cock.

I remember being quite surprised at both the view and feel of my penis inside his mouth. I can’t remember if I continued to stroking him while he did oral on me or if I just laid there and watched. I don’t know how long this went on, but after awhile he had me position myself next to his right side whereas my head was next to his cock and he had access to mine. With my face just inches away from his stubby, erect penis, he resumed doing oral on mine.

While the both of us were in this sixty-nine position, he alternated oraling and masturbating me whereas I began to masturbate him and being awed with the close up view of his thick penis and light brown pubic hair. Shortly thereafter, he paused for a breath and asked if I could do the same to him. Wanting to please him as he was pleasing me, I attempted to do so. Pressing my puckered lips against the tip of his penis, I lightly kissed it and stuck out part of my tongue to moisten the bulbous head.

I then parted my lips and partially covered part of his dick with them. Pulling my head back, I was beginning to have doubts. With his urging me on, I continued trying to insert his cock into my mouth. As my lips slid over his pee hole getting closer to the ridge of his dick, I felt as if I were going to gag. Without even getting the head of his prick into my mouth, I looked at him and said that I didn’t think I could do it. He gently urged me to try it again.

Staring directly and up close at the swollen head of his cock, I licked it some more and attempted to do oral on it again. As the head began to enter my mouth, my face contorted and I gagged a little bit. Upon seeing that, the older adult told me to relax and brought his left hand to my face. Sticking a finger out, he asked me to try oraling on it instead. He wanted me to pretend that it was his cock and to practice on his finger. I obliged him by doing so.

I had no problem whatsoever oraling on his finger. I kind of remember him coaching me in the proper head and mouth movements as I did so. After a couple of minutes of this, he pulled his finger out and urged me to try oraling his cock again. Not wanting to displease him, I placed my face down at his cock and tried again. I did more licking of the head this time that I had on the other two failures. I’m not sure, but I think I may have even swirled my tongue around. I distinctly remember my saliva glistening on the fat head of his cock. As I kissed and licked, I opened my mouth once more and attempted to oral it. And as before, I started gagging and pulled my head away.

I told him I was sorry and that I just wasn’t able to do it. He told me that it was okay and instructed me to just kiss and lick his dick. I abided by his wishes and did just that. He even had me lick his tight, furry balls, which I did quite often. Since he murmurred how good it felt, I ended up spending more time kissing and licking them than I did with his cock. I don’t exactly recall, but I’m sure I was stroking his penis with my hand while doing so. If his cock hadn’t been so thick but slim and skinny like mine, then I may have been able to properly blow him. Although comparisons were never mentioned, my erect cock was about two inches longer than his yet his shaft was probably double in girth from mine. Two totally different cocks, and not once did they make contact with each other.

If I could go back in time, one of the things I would have liked to do with him would be having our dicks rubbing and pressing into each other and our balls mating as well. I don’t recall my fingers actually touching or kneading his balls while we had sex. You’d think that since I had the guts to use my tongue and lips on them that at the least I would have done is cupped and fondled them to know what they felt like. I don’t remember doing so. Since both of my hands had at one time or the other masturbated him, I’m positive only my pinky fingers ever made contact with his scrotum during my down strokes.Not much time had passed while he oraled and fondled me and I kissed and licked his genitals, until he decided to make a position change. Instructing me to lay back again with my head towards the pillow, he got up and retrieved something out of the closet next to his side of the bed.

During the course of changing my position on the bed, I had been feeling extremely aroused and slightly giddy. Almost a sort of drunk feeling which I had never felt before. I remember knocking something off the end table which was next to my side of the bed and not even really worried about it. Once I was in place, he came back onto the bed with a small book in his hands. Positioning me onto my right side, he slid right up against me and held the book out with his left hand in front of me. He then had me hold it and told me to open it up.

It wasn’t really a book, but a small magazine with black and white pictures in it. Grasping my erection with his left hand and masturbating me, he asked if the pictures made me excited. Indeed they did! The magazine started out with about four or five preteen to teenage caucasion boys modeling seperately while standing and completely naked. The oldest was a blond with the most pubic hair and only around sixteen years of age. The pages after that showed them all having sex together. I wish I could recall more of the images, but I kind of remember a scene in which one kid is laying down while getting a blow-job from another while the others are standing or kneeling and watching.

While turning the pages, the old man would point and make remarks about what the boys were doing and then continue masturbating me. I seem to remember a few scenes showing a younger boy recieving anal sex from one of the other boys. I was extremely horny at this point and gave hime nothing but positive comments about what I had seen. After he finished showing me the pictures, he took the mag away from me and rose up off the bed. Once he put the magazine back into the closet, he layed back down on next to me on my left and resumed masturbating me. Within about a minute, he then asked if he could enter me from behind.

I said yes. He asked me to get a tube of lubricant from the end table. I couldn’t find it. He said he was sure it was there and asked me to look again. He continued to strok on my cock as I looked. I finally found it on the floor beside the bed. I had knocked it off earlier in my throws of passion. As I gave it to him, he instructed me to lay on my belly. He then got behind me and straddled my rear. I can’t remember if he lubed up his cock, my ass-hole or both. I remember being kind of embarrassed that he was able to see the large mole that used to be on my right shoulder blade before I had it removed. I also wonder if he had a view of my nuts as I laid on my belly. I don’t know if they were peeking out or not. I know my cock was well hidden since it was erect the whole time and I was laying on it.

He had a hard time trying to keep his cock inside my ass-hole. I remember only the thick head working itself into my relaxed sphincter and not hurting at all. He was capable of only getting a few thrusts into me. His cock kept slipping out (If I had known then what I know now, I would have raised my ass way up in the air which would have spread my ass cheeks wide apart, making penetration possible and easier for him.

As it was, I was laying prone on the bed with my cheeks closer together). He gave up after a short time of this and withdrew his slippery cock from the clenched cheeks of my ass. As he got up to return the tube of lube back to the end table, I turned over onto my back and began masturbating myself. Walking by me, he sternly told me to stop it and that he would take care of me.

While laying on my back with my erection pulsating freely in the air, I remember some sort of interlude between then and until the time he he crawled back onto the bed to the left of me. Maybe he had gone into the bathroom to clean his stubby, thick penis off. I don’t know. Being so giddy with sexual thoughts and the physical contact I had just experienced with him, I didn’t watch where he had gone and I really didn’t care.

He had me maneuver my erect cock towards his face and mine at his just as we had done earlier. After he wrapped his lips around my cock and began blowing me, I reciprocated by masturbating, kissing and licking him. When moving my tongue down against his balls, he moaned how good it felt and continued oraling me. Sometime while he was oraling on my cock, he asked if he could put a finger up my still moist ass hole. I said yes and actually enjoyed it when he slipped it in and thrust it in and out continuously afterwards.

I don’t know how much time passed by, but after awhile I ceased licking and kissing his nuts when I felt an orgasm approaching. I was in heaven! I had never had a blow-job before and at the sight and feel of my cock in his mouth and his finger in my ass, I was going crazy. I could feel myself about to cum and told him so. He didn’t say anything and kept on oraling. I was in ecstasy and kept telling him I was going to cum. I was going to cum in his mouth, I kept saying.

Well then it happened. I had a very intense orgasm (To this day, I still believe it was one of the best I ever had). I practically screamed as I ejaculated into his mouth. As a naive young virgin, I couldn’t believe it when it happened and was somewhat shocked when he allowed my semen to enter his mouth. He continued oraling on my cock as I came, swallowing every drop. The finger moving in my ass helped to contribute to my reaction. I was in total ecstasy. The only problem was that when I ceased ejaculating, he kept oraling, not missing a beat and obviously meaning to literally did oral on me dry! That really felt weird. I never had that feeling before.

I kept telling him to stop. As I gasped and panted, I was practically begging him to stop. The intensity and extended duration of that orgasm was more than I had ever experienced up to that point in my life. My orgasm started out well enough as I had initially writhed in fantastic pleasure, but it swiftly ended far differently than I had ever imangined it would. The sensation was nothing short of being tortured and pleased at the same time. Although stunned, I survived the whole ordeal with a mixed set of emotions and tingling coursing throughout my wracked body. Espesially my penis! I wonder if the outcome would have been the same if his finger hadn’t been probing my anus. Had my prostrate been stimulated when cumming??

When he finally stopped, he released my cock from his lips, pulled his finger out of my ass and asked me if I had liked it. I told him I did and said that it was his turn to cum. I suggested that he play with himself as I wasn’t able to engulf his stubby cock in my mouth. He then layed back on the bed and began to masturbate himself. While he was doing this, I licked his hairy balls. It didn’t take him long to cum. I can’t recall if I witnessed him ejaculate when he did.

My lips and tongue were busy down below when he squirted onto his fat belly. In fact, I don’t have any memory seeing his semen. I’m sure I did. It’s just that I can’t remember it. It’s too bad I didn’t offer to pull on his pud as he was about to come. I would have enjoyed seeing his spunk squirt out of the opening of his cock. And with all the attention I gave to his nuts, I don’t remember him paying mine any attention at all. No fondling, kissing or licking at all. I think the only time he made contact is when his fingers brushed against them while stroking my shaft or posibly part of his hand or wrist rested against them when he reamed my ass-hole with his finger.

When he finished ejaculating, he got up and told me to lay still an relish in the aftermath of sex. I lay there as he went into the bathroom to clean up and brush his teeth. He came back to the bed after a short while and we just laid side by side with limp dicks while talking and basking in the afterglow of having sex. He also lit a cigarette and asked if I wanted one. I told him I didn’t smoke. For some reason, he seemed to have assumed that I had engaged in sex before and acted shocked when I told him it was my first time.

He then inquired if I knew someone around my age who would be willing to come over and have sex too. Even though I told him I didn’t, he continued pressing me to at least think of someone. I came up with the name of a friend and said I would see if he would be interested (I never did ask my friend). I then asked the man if he could get a woman for me. He said he wasn’t sure and that maybe it was possible. He didn’t act too gung-ho about it though and changed the subject. He mentioned how he would like to take me somewhere such as Disneyland.

After ten minutes or so had passed since his ejaculation, he asked me if I wanted to do it again. I didn’t feel like it and said no. Shortly thereafter, I rose out of bed and got dressed. We then made arrangements for us to have sex again the next day. I said good-bye and left. Well, needless to say, I chickened out the next day. I won’t get into details about it, but I did see him the next afternoon.

He kissed me on my lips which I didn’t like and I bowed out by making up lies. We didn’t have sex that day or any days afterward. Even though I never saw or heard from him again, I still think about our sexual encounter to this day. I know he was a pedophile due to the fact he enjoyed showing me his porno book of the pre-teen and teenage boys getting it on. Also, he acted surprised after I told him I was eighteen years old when he asked me my age after our “love” making.

I guess he thought I was younger which would not have been hard to believe since I had been a late bloomer. I imagine he probably had thought I was only about sixteen or so. I could have easily passed for one. I rarely needed to shave back then and when I did grow facial hair, it grew slowly and looked more like peach fuzz. Also, I barely had any bodyhair at the time like I do now. There were no hairs around my nipples yet and I’m sure the hair under my armpits was scarce.

Although I had hair on my legs, there hadn’t been much on my thighs yet, especially around my crotch. Nowadays, my pubic hair is very thick and curly and spreads way out onto my inner thighs. Back then even though I was eighteen, I must have looked like an adolescent to him since my pubic hair was still growing in. I know the hair was curly around the base of my penis, but I can’t remember if the rest was too. It certainly didn’t spread up to my navel like it does now and definitely didn’t grow around the crack of my ass! I sure wish I knew what he was thinking back then as he viewed my naked body.