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Men’s Journals Information

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Longevity To Overcome PE
Lets talk longevity, good news for “The Minute Man” and how you can overcome premature ejaculation, the secret to success with online dating, the delicious hot drink that can make you look younger and prevent cancer!

How Smooth Is Your Pick-Up Move?
Smooth moves for every guy, Smooth moves lube, smooth moves with the ladies and find out the smoothest move of all.And how smooth is your pick-up technique? The reality is, if you think it’s smooth, it probably isn’t.

Do Women Really Want Role Reversal
Be a man among a dying breed of men, and play yer music LOUD, be a monster in the bedroom. It’s okay to want to feel like the manly guy in a relationship. After all, the real truth is that WOMEN LOVE IT. .

Why Men Don’t Go to the Doctor
Putting off doctor visits, especially for sexual health issues, is a common practice among men. What men need to realize is that a doctor is not only there for diagnosing symptoms. They are also there to prevent health problems from occurring before they become real issues.

Reliable Advice Answers Men’s Sexual Health Questions
When men are compared to women, they’re less likely to discuss their concerns with other men. As a result, guys are often left to wonder about issues that are common to many men, particularly questions about men’s sexual health. With the coming of the Internet, a wealth of information has become available that answers men’s questions – anonymously

Male Testosterone, Libido and Your Sexuality
Read about the average decline of testosterone is 35% as you get older. As your testosterone deficiency levels drop, it affects your Libido, sexual abilities and your muscles shrink and fatty tissue increases-even with moderate exercise.

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