My Foot Fetish Cure For Erectile Dysfunction

My Foot Fetish Cure For Erectile Dysfunction

Erection Arousal Is Reliant On My Feet Fetish Worship

Feet Fetishism fantasies erection arousal urges

I have been told by two different doctors that I have Erectile Dysfunction. Even during sexual intercourse, I have an extremely hard time keeping an erection. I have extremely strong foot fetish fantasies. Something that I have noticed through experimentation is that having my partners feet on me in different places, especially my face, makes it so that it excites me immensely and I get erection arousal.

As long as her feet are in my face during sex, I don’t lose my erection. Is it possible that my ability to perform sexually has become reliant on my loving feet fetishism worship urges (pedophilia) and if so, what can I do to correct this? There are many women out there that aren’t comfortable with a man kissing and licking her feet. I find women’s feet beautiful and pretty amazing.

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 Psychotherapy and/or Behavioral Therapy have been found to be beneficial in treating erectile dysfunction. Although the majority of causes of erectile dysfunction (ED) are physical, there are quite frequently underlying psychosocial factors involved as well.

Psychotherapy and/or behavioral therapy may be helpful in individuals whom no organic cause for erectile dysfunction has been detected. Therapy often focuses on complications surrounding male performance anxiety, dysfunctional relationships, loss of a partner, psychotic disorders, substance abuse, fetishes, penis issues , etc.

Focusing Sensory Stimulation Therapy

What a person begins to learn to do is to stop focusing on the end result, which is orgasm, and work to focusing more on the sensory stimulation.

Sexual performance is about focusing on what goes on in the sexual encounter. Some men focus on the breast, butt or other bodily parts for their sensory experience to keep a erection. Foot fetish is just another sensory stimulation that may be beneficial for you to keep it up. If you don’t focus on your sensory stimulation, you lose it.

Semi-erection problems can bring down self-esteem and can impact sexual desire drive in men. Natural sexual dysfunction products can be valuable treatments for ED. Or, a new method without pills, potions, or drugs ED therapy. Check out impotence (ED) books for more information.

The Mind Over ED Manual

The Impotence Guide Book by Joel Block, Ph.D

The foundation component of the ED Brain Breakthrough program is the 50-page Mind Over ED Manual. It’s packed with information that will quickly transform the way you feel about your ED, yourself and your partner, then reveal the heart of the proven treatment protocol developed over 30 years and tested and refined on thousands of patients.

Shatter the biggest myths about losing your erection, expose what’s really happening and how to get back to great sex.

Fetish Symptoms, Treatments and ED Information Advice Follow Ups:

I have an uncontrollable foot fetish. Women’s feet excite me immensely. Am I abnormal? It seems that I can’t get aroused when I’m with a woman unless I can lick, suck and sniff her feet. What do I do?

You can’t. It’s like asking a “normal” guy to stop being turned on by breasts. From some of the other discussions on this website, it gets imprinted on your brain as early as 2 years old.

Foot Fetish Relationship Advice

There are many men like yourself who find women’s feet extremely arousing. Since there are plenty of women who enjoy having their feet massaged, it’s likely that you can satisfy your needs while making love, without seeming obsessed.

If you reveal that you have such a fetish too soon in a relationship, it may turn some women off. They may feel as though you care more for a certain part of their anatomy than for who they are, which could, in turn, drive them away.

I suggest that you pay attention to a woman’s feet during lovemaking, without making your foot fetish so obvious that you can’t establish a relationship with her on other levels.

If your fetish begins to prevent you from having normal relationships with women and this bothers you, then I suggest that you consult a professional therapist for further assistance.

Mics comments

Elvis had a well documented foot fetish, stemming from having to massage his mother’s feet as a child (or “rub her little sootiest,” as the King chose to say). Presley’s handlers would screen women on the basis of their feet before they could have a romantic encounter with the rock icon.

Is having a foot fetish weird?

It is isn’t weird. One of the most common fetishists, Foot fetishism which has been around for so long that an ancient Chinese emperor wrote about “eating water chestnuts from the petite feet of his concubines”. You are not alone.


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