Male Masterbation Myths, Beliefs, Fables & Facts

Improves sexual health by building self-confidence

Masterbation is natural and harmless expression of sexuality in both men and women and a perfectly good way to experience sexual stimulation and pleasure. In fact, some experts argue that masterbating improves sexual health by increasing an individual’s understanding of his or her own body and of what is erotically pleasing, building self-confidence and fostering self-acceptance.

Satisfying sexual relationships

This knowledge can then be carried forth to make for a more satisfying sexual relationship with one’s partner, both through each partner’s comfort with mutual masterbation, and because of the ability to tell each other what is most pleasing. It is a good idea for a couple to discuss their attitudes about masturbation and to calm any insecurities a partner may have if the other should sometimes favor masterbating for self gratification over sexual intercourse.

In some relationships, to masterbate may be mutually acceptable. Done alone or in the presence of a partner, the act can be pleasing and add to mutual intimacy if it is not experienced as a rejection. Like most behaviors, without proper communication, the act of masterburation can be used as a sign of anger, alienation or displeasure with the way the relationship is progressing.

Overcoming society’s negative stereotypes

Overcoming society’s ancient myths, fables, beliefs and negative stereotypes and one’s personal feelings about masterbation for self gratification can allow men and women the freedom to explore and experience their own sexuality in a private, satisfying manner.

One word of caution: in keeping with the practices of safer sex, masterbating with a partner can be an enjoyable alternative to intercourse, as long as you avoid contact with your partner’s ejaculation semen or vaginal fluids, which could lead to Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STD) such as HIV-AIDs. Especially if you have any cuts or open sores.

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It’s best to cut you finger nails when you waking yourself and to use oil-base lubricants, or spit saliva on your clean hands. Good hygiene is important to guard against infection and disease.

A compulsive detached indulgence male masturbation disorder problem, is a person without self control, impulsive and addicted in this respect. It’s a hard habit to break.

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